Thinking Outside the Inbox on Kickstarter pushes readers to look beyond their busy lifestyles

September 20 16:27 2019

“Thinking outside the inbox” by corporate philosopher Roger Steare is a book which inspires people to take time out for thinking and live life in a more thoughtful way.

Our busy lifestyles are making robots out of us, and we are fast losing our unique ability to “think” and act in a “thoughtful” manner. But there is some good news in such dire times. Distinguished corporate philosopher Roger Steare has launched his new book on Kickstarter which urges us to stop and think in today’s crazy world. Titled “Thinking outside the inbox”, the book encourages readers to look beyond their daily mundane routine and engage in deeper thinking to make life more meaningful.

Thinking outside the inbox is a book of bite-size thinking that features meaningful quotes and amazing images for an engaging read. The author has mentioned all the citations and footnotes  with QR codes which can be scanned with your smartphone so you can easily access the source material.

The campaign has been fully funded with 18 days to go. 

“I have worked as an ethicist and philosopher since 2002, and I have had the opportunity to meet, teach, and debate with numerous leaders at work. Over time, I have observed and realized that today, we allow very little time to pause and think sensibly. The average CEO I have met processes hundreds of emails per day and when he is not doing that, he is busy attending meetings and sticking to project deadlines or making notes. People are too busy today to take some time out to engage in thoughtful thinking. And that depicts an inferior quality of life and living,” stated Roger Steare.

Interestingly, it all started with Roger writing a weekly blog of the same name. The blog was meant to encourage people to find some time out and engage in sensible thinking. In just a few weeks, the blog received a huge response and Steare’s musings were praised for their brevity, depth, range, and relevance of questions that he put forward to the readers. His posts also earned rave reviews for their thought-provoking quotes and attractive images. And all these inspired Roger to collate the blog into a full-size book of the same name.

The book comes with posts arranged in a chronological manner, and each post offers a few minutes of thought provocation. There is also plenty of space to make notes or to attach Stickies.

Thinking outside the inbox is much needed in today’s hectic lifestyles where we have forgotten to invest enough time in slow thinking. Your generous support on Kickstarter will enable us to bring this book to life and encourage all to think and act more thoughtfully in these worrying times.”

Backers will be rewarded with great discounts on signed copies of the book, personal coaching session or even a Masterclass with philosopher Roger Steare.

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