UCT will become the landing application leader in the era of Encryption Digital economy

June 24 12:53 2019

As we all know, the block chain has always been the global most promising and most imaginative technological revolution in the development of the modern society. At present, the value circulation and application scenarios of the block chain have become a huge demand. As an innovative endowment global Token value platform, UCT will become the landing application leader in the era of Encryption Digital economy.

UCT will become the landing application leader in the era of Encryption Digital economy

As the most influential ecosphere of symbiosis, sharing and integration in the global block chain, UCT was changing the recognition of human beings on brand-new products subtly in the digital economic era recently.

The globalized, open and sharing block chain endowment ecological platform Token UCB will endow countless industries, projects and flow channels to realize the landing, value transformation and value circulation of the Token application scenarios. It is integrated with various business system mechanisms and applied in many fields, such as payment clearing, commodity traceability, new retail, cross-border e-commerce, game entertainment and finance.

More importantly, UCT enhances the high trust of people for the block chain industry as well as the boundless ecological service to connect the digital money with the real world closely so as to promote the progress of the world as well as the development of the commercial economic structure better.

The ecosystem constructed by UCT: It is hopeful that the cross-border wallet Integration Payment, various digital currency exchange frequent exchanges, the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service, and the construction on the block chain financial system will open up the global payment, e-commerce and quantification so as to form a complete closed-loop business system. It will be closer to all aspects of real life, such as the consumption payment of the daily life, the entertainment life, the ticket booking business, sightseeing and the yacht club, so as to provide a simpler and more convenient way of life.

Through some business operation structures, such as IS0, Apollo, Quantification, Growth Hacker and Globa10TC, UCT achieves the circulation and scene extension of Token in twelve application scenarios of UCT ecology.

UCT will become the landing application leader in the era of Encryption Digital economy

It covers payment, credit, digital assets, idleness, financial management, life, ecological game, global shopping sharing mall, IDEX and DAPP collection entrance and intelligent contract mall, digital currency installment payment and UCT Exchange. It completes the value deposit and business ecological closed-loop of UCT. UCT will break the information island for interconnection, sharing and integration in cooperation with the global Token.

The application of the healthy and transparent ecological concept in UCT is subverting the platform application without the essence of the Internet gradually. It really integrates all participants so that they can witness and enjoy the revolutionary change created by the block chain, and share the application of the block chain economic system together.

I believe that UCT will continue undertaking the mission of digital assets scenario landing in the block chain industry in the future. It can always lead the trend of the times, grasp the latest and most cutting-edge information, and bring a more meaningful, more convenient and more valuable life service for people!

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