Cutting Edge Understands the Complexities of Concrete Surface Prep

June 21 19:53 2019
Cutting Edge Understands the Complexities of Concrete Surface Prep

Whether you’re looking to replace existing flooring or to build new flooring, surface preparation is a necessary component to always consider. When you have the right surface to start with, it will ensure the functionality and longevity of the finished product. When it comes to concrete, we know just how important it is to prepare the surface correctly to get you the ultimate finished look that you desire. 

Cutting Edge Flooring Services knows that peeling, premature wearing, and other floor issues are typically a direct result of inadequate preparation. This is why they take the time to properly prepare the concrete for laying so that it can provide high-quality and lasting results for all their customers. Now that you know just how important surface preparation is when dealing with concrete, it’s likely that you’re wondering what the preparation process is. Let’s take a quick look into that below. 

Once the concrete has been laid out, it’s likely that you’ll want to put a surface coating on it. This can be a simple coating, overlay, or stain, depending on what you specifically want to use on your floors. During concrete surface prep, you’ll need to prepare the top layer with a concrete surface profile, also referred to as CSP. This essentially allows for easier bonding of the concrete overlay or coating once you lay it down. 

When talking about CSP, the International Concrete Repair Institute has developed guidelines to help contractors measure the average distance between the valleys and peaks of the initial concrete surface. This ranges from a low of one CSP, which gives a nearly flat appearance, to a high of nine CSP, which gives a very rough surface. When dealing with the thicker coating or overlay materials, you’ll want to use a more aggressive CSP closer to nine. If you’re simply crafting a skim coat over the existing surface, then a CSP of two to four will be best. 

There are various kinds of floor coating that you can use with concrete. Each coating has its own advantages and shortcomings when compared to others. By understanding all of your coating options, you can better decide of which coating you want to use for your individual project. You can find us here to assist you in making your ultimate decision. Here are the most popular kinds of concrete coating:

Self-Leveling Epoxy – Simple and easy to apply, this allows for an ultra-smooth surface.

Mortar Epoxy – This is a very strong coating material that also works as a repair fix for existing concrete that is cracked. 

Self-Dispersing Epoxy – This durable epoxy allows for an anti-slip advantage while being able to take the heavy machine traffic from inside a factory. 

Vapor-Barrier Epoxy – If you’re planning on putting another material on top of the concrete, then this is the foundational material you need to use. 

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into the surface preparation of concrete. When done right, it will turn out a fantastic finish that will be sure to impress. Do it wrong and you’ll be regretting it for years.

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