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December 07 23:28 2023

The 15th Edition of China (Dubai) Trade Fair is set to take place from December 19 to 21, 2023, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE. As one of Dubai’s largest trade shows for Chinese manufacturers, this edition of the trade fair will expand its exhibition area to 70,000 square meters, showcasing over 100,000 products from more than 3,000 certified suppliers.

Meet GMY in Dubai

GMY, a powerhouse in the field of lighting technology, has been a recurring participant at the China (Dubai) Trade Fair. At the upcoming 15th edition, GMY will present an array of innovative lighting technology solutions, covering sectors like facility agriculture, medical disinfection and infection control, medical health, automotive lighting, and halogen lamps.

Moreover, with a deep understanding of the environmental conditions and market needs in the Middle East and East Africa, GMY will also highlight solutions such as plant factories, container planting systems, and indoor smart planting, offering comprehensive and customized lighting technology applications to meet diverse regional customer needs.

LumiAgro Plant Factory: Unveiling the “New Code” of Modern Agriculture

LumiAgro, a brand under GMY, specializes in the research and exploration of light and plant growth, accumulating nearly 8 years of industry experience. LumiAgro’s R&D center includes a modern plant factory spanning nearly 6,000 square meters, providing scientific data and practical support for efficient indoor planting and plant lighting technologies.

LumiAgro Plant Factory Strawberry and Vegetable Cultivation

Based on this expertise, LumiAgro has earned widespread recognition and praise in various planting projects. At the China (Dubai) Trade Fair, LumiAgro will showcase plant factory solutions tailored to the diverse climatic conditions of the Middle East and East Africa, offering new, efficient agricultural planting options adapted to local environments, and unlocking the “new code” of modern agricultural planting.

Hydroponic Shipping Container System: Facilitating “Vegetable Freedom”

LumiAgro’s hydroponic shipping container system is designed for areas with extreme climates (high altitudes and arid regions), offering a mobile vegetable base. This system integrates all elements necessary for vegetable production (such as light, water, nutrients, temperature, air, and humidity) into a single container module. It breaks the limitations of time and climate, meeting the demand for vegetable planting anytime, anywhere, and is suitable for areas with limited space resources, harsh environmental climates, and remote locations.

Indoor Smart Planters: Creating a “Private Vegetable Garden” for Green Living

Additionally, to meet the needs of urban home planting and indoor cultivation, LumiAgro will introduce a series of innovative home planting solutions. The Adonis and Demeter series of indoor planters, specifically designed for urban living spaces, ingeniously integrate technological innovation, environmental concepts, healthy living, and aesthetic design, creating a “private vegetable garden” for indoor spaces.

These products not only provide families with fresh salad ingredients but also offer the pleasure of experiencing the natural process of planting from seeding to harvest. Thus, the Adonis and Demeter series, as fashionable new products highly sought after for modern green living, have already gained significant recognition and favor among customers.

A spokesperson for GMY stated, “We are very much looking forward to showcasing GMY’s innovative technologies on such an international platform. We believe that through this exhibition, we will not only demonstrate our technical prowess but also engage in idea exchange with industry professionals from various countries and regions, collectively exploring the future of lighting technology.”

At The 15th Edition of China (Dubai) Trade Fair

GMY look forward to welcoming partners for communication and exchange.We are eagerly awaits meeting you in Dubai.

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