VEL, a next generation premium work cafe, announces their expansion and is bringing the future of work right to the core of hustle and bustle.

March 20 12:12 2023
VEL, a next generation premium work cafe, announces their expansion and is bringing the future of work right to the core of hustle and bustle.
VEL is quickly expanding and has made plans to open three new stores before the end of 2023.

VEL opened their flagship location in Savannah of 2022. Since opening, the work cafe has upended the way Savannahian professionals are working; And, their success in the Historic District is only the beginning. With plans to expand quickly into the South, VEL will soon be able to provide professionals in large cities such as Charlotte, Nashville and Charleston with the space, features, and amenities to work at the speed of life.

The premium work cafe promises their patrons unparalleled productivity by providing a meticulous environment that incorporates the comforts of a home office, the stimulation of a coffee shop and structure of an office setting. The innovative company even references the term “flowstate”; Of which, is the intense focus that customers opt into when working from the ultra modern space. The work cafe allows for this state of flow by incorporating a number of elements to boost productivity and mood while also reducing stress levels.

The VEL seating is dynamic and adaptable for solo working or gathering teams. Their state of the art workstations encompass a robust set of features along with high tech products and amenities. VEL customers can choose between their collaboration table, nest seat, monopod or duo pod to work from. The spaces range from private and soundproof environments to adjustable ergonomic seating. The work cafe also accounts for even the most minute details and provides a range of advanced products tailored for each space; Such as, high-mid grade lighting, easily accessible wifi, sensory designs, gravity blankets and much more.

The VEL menu also provides a performance enhancing selection of nootropic infused specialty beverages along with snackable food items. The work cafe references the phrase “fueling the flow” when it comes to their menu because they strictly use nutrient rich ingredients that support cognitive functioning. Their specialty beverages have become staple components for remote workers, freelancers and people on the go in Savannah. In addition, VEL even has a robot that delivers customers orders, plus a mobile ordering option within their app so customers never have to wait in line.

On top of their main attractions, VEL houses a unique array of productivity inducing products that blend into the spaces modern and chic design. This includes a skylight roof panel, a nanoleaf sensory wall, lush greenery and high color temperature light sources. VEL also invests in their space by creating a nuanced environment through pure air quality, premium scenting and temperature controls.

All-in-all VEL offers a vastly improved, high-touch and future-forward experience.Their success in Savannah is only the beginning for this innovative premium work cafe. By putting technology at the forefront of their mission VEL is able to penetrate popular cities and continue to help modern professionals achieve twice as much in half the time. By the end of 2023, VELLERS in North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina will also be able to work at the speed of life.

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About VEL

VEL is a premium work cafe that offers tech-forward and customizable solutions for work requirements of all shapes and sizes. There are many ways to become a “VELLER”. While walk-in bookings are always welcomed, customers can also subscribe and gain access to private rapid wifi, exclusive performance pricing and the work at VEL app with advanced seat booking, mobile ordering, and the latest up to date news and events.

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