From Humble Origins to Innovative Leader: Sunam Farmers Revolutionize Korean Agriculture

March 20 11:54 2023

The company is poised to become the leading supplier of value-added fruit products worldwide.

Sunam Farmers, a vertically integrated fruits company with offices in both Seoul and Mungyeong, has announced its plans to introduce more value-added fruits products to consumers worldwide. This comes after enjoying massive success with their flagship apple juices internationally under the leadership of its ambitious CEO, Do-Hyung Kwon, who wants to take the family legacy to new heights.

Do-Hyung Kwon, who took over the reins of the company from his father, Soon-Yong Kwon in 2020, is working with international partners to release more advanced and refined processed foods and products through exchanges with various countries. Partner companies that were using Sunam Farmers apple juice to offer a variety of delicious desserts, drinks, and slush menus to customers of all ages will be able to get their hands on more value-added products, such as jams, and other processed foods.

This will mark another chapter in Sunam Farmers history of over forty years as a leading researcher, producer, and distributor of various fruits. The once-small apple farm has evolved into one of the most innovative and forward-thinking players in the Korean agricultural industry.

Do-Hyung Kwon credits this success to advanced farming techniques and the blending of different varieties of apples in Korea in a specific ratio that brings out the freshness and deep sweetness of apples. Moreover, their juice factory is certified for food safety management, which helps to maintain the highest quality standards in all aspects of production.

Talking about the company’s growth, Do-Hyung Kwon said, “Back in 1980, my father started apple farming on just 0.33 hectares of farmland. Because of his hard work, we currently produce various fruits on 3.31 hectares. Moreover, my father, Soon-Yong Kwon, worked tirelessly as the past president of the Mungyeong-si Association of Agricultural Managers and currently as the chairperson of Mungyeong-si’s brand farming association to support and collaborate with other farmers in the region. His efforts are paying rich dividends, and we are happy to be contributing to the Korean economy with exports”.

The company helped teach advanced farming methods to farmers across Korea, and thanks to strict selection standards for apple quality, they are one of the only 1% premium apple producers in Korea. The entire process from production to processing is directly managed by Korean farmers in Korea at ‘Rabbit and Pond.’ This emphasis on quality won them the silver prize at the 10th Mungyeong Apple Festival Fair and won the grand prize in the fruit and flower sector of Gyeongsangbuk-do in 2014.

With a promising future ahead, the farm wants to continue to expand and deliver the best juices, crispiest apples, and value-added products for years to come. Businesses interested in collaborating with them or learning more about the company can visit their website today.

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