Understanding the Role of a Trust Protector According to Realtimecampaign.com

March 07 02:49 2023
Understanding the Role of a Trust Protector According to Realtimecampaign.com

Trust protectors are becoming more commonplace in America today. To understand the role of this individual, a person must understand how trust works. In addition, they need to recognize the duties of other individuals involved with this agreement. 

How Does a Trust Work? 

A trust is nothing more than a legal agreement that allows specified assets to be held in trust. A third party is designated by an individual or entity to hold assets for a beneficiary or beneficiaries. The agreement is drafted and funded with assets by one party.

Control of the assets is then turned over to the third party, referred to as the trustee, for management purposes. The trustee retains control until the trust passes on to any named beneficiaries. Anyone who would like to know more about how a trust is established may go to website

One person may serve as the grantor of the trust, the trustee, and the beneficiary, although this rarely happens. The goal of many trusts is to ensure the beneficiaries aren’t required to go through probate before receiving the assets. 

A problem individuals may encounter when establishing a trust is they must have complete faith in the individual named as the trustee. According to realtimecampaign.com, the trustee retains control over the trust and may not act in the best interests of the grantor or person who established the trust or the beneficiaries. This is where the trust protector comes into play. 

The Role of a Trust Protector

A trust protector ensures the original intent and purpose of the trust is upheld. If a trustee acts inappropriately, the protector may step in and fire them. The successor trustee then steps up and assumes this role. This differs from a trust advisor who is tasked with guiding an individual or entity through the trust creation and management process.

Trust advisors help create trusts, while trustees manage them. Trust protectors oversee the trustees and ensure they are fulfilling their duties and managing the trust as the grantor and advisor intended. 

When is a Trust Protector Needed? 

A trust protector is beneficial when a trust will be held for the long term, such as a dynasty trust. Nevertheless, many people decide to appoint a trust protector, as nobody knows what the future holds. The trust protector is an impartial participant in the agreement and can settle disputes between trustees and beneficiaries or when the grantor has concerns about the trustee and whether they are acting in their own best interests rather than the grantor’s interests. 

The Duties of a Trust Protector

CunninghamLegal is quick to point out that there is no clear definition regarding the duties of a trust protector. The trust document must outline the duties of the trust protector and define the authority this individual has along with any compensation they will be paid. For this reason, the grantor must work with an experienced professional skilled in the creation of trusts. 

Choosing a Trust Protector

When choosing a trust protector, keep in mind that there is no link between the trustee and the trust protector. The trust protector should be an impartial individual with no conflict of interest. In addition, the grantor needs to ask questions such as, “Does a Personal Umbrella Policy Cover a Trustee?” They must understand the ins and outs when choosing a person to handle any aspect of a trust. This ensures problems don’t arise in the future. 

Work with an attorney or financial advisor when creating a trust and appointing individuals to manage and oversee the trust. Nobody wants to move through this process and find they missed something and the trust isn’t being handled properly. By working with experienced professionals, the risk of this happening decreases. 


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