New Blog Control All Finances is Helping People Improve Financial Literacy and Combat the Effects of Inflation

  • PublishedFebruary 27, 2023

The valuable resource was recognized as one of the Top 100 Investment Blogs on the web.

In the current economic climate, millions of people are looking for ways to improve their financial situation. One in-depth website called ‘Control All Finances’ sets out to cover essential topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, financial independence, FIRE, the stock market, and cryptocurrencies; to develop readers’ financial acumen and improve their lives. Given its comprehensive scope, Feedspot’s panelists named it one of the Top 100 Investment Blogs on the web.

This inspirational digital platform was created by long long-term stock market investor Romain Ruchot, who has published four best-selling financial independence eBooks that help people get started on their investing journey. These publications include book titles ‘Develop Your Financial IQ’, ‘How to Achieve Financial Independence’, ‘Summer Savings eBook’, and ‘101 Money Saving Tips’.

Talking about his motivation to start this blog, Romain said, “Whilst the blog is fairly recent, my passion for personal finance isn’t. From an early age, my parents emphasized the importance of saving and investing, and I guess that stuck with me and motivated me to launch this site. A few years ago, I started coaching and guiding friends and colleagues with stock market investments and ended up creating a Slack group where I would share articles and review everyone’s performance. One of them joked that I should start a website with what I was sharing with the group. This is where the idea of Control All Finances began, really.”

The personal finance blog helps beginners learn money management so they can develop good habits that will serve them well in the future. It also gives tips on how people can start to grow their income and build generational wealth.

He continued, “At Control All Finances, we proudly offer key guidelines on how you can achieve financial independence. My mission is to teach everything about personal finance, so people make decisions that are more intelligent when it comes to money as well as how they invest in stocks. By sharing my knowledge, I want to help people improve their living standard as well as that of their community.”

In addition to his popular newsletter, future plans include workshops, financial literacy resources, and online training that will help reach more people with high-quality financial education.

People interested in his financial independence eBooks can check out the platform that provides financial intelligence to help readers get started on their investing journey: https://controlallfinances.com/

About the Founder

Romain Ruchot is the founder of Ebookopedia and its finance brand Control All Finances. Born in France, he spent ten years in the UK before moving to Malta in 2016. When he is not blogging, he is also involved with acting and music production. He has a Hospitality Management BA, Planning and Organization Professional course, and Leadership Program – The Gober Method.

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