Mosio, Inc. responds to growing client interest in automated text messaging for clinical research staff.

February 27 18:18 2023
Mosio, Inc. has recently launched Study Team Reminders to enable text messaging communication with clinical research staff. The system streamlines communication between study management and staff, ensuring all team members are on the same page. The benefits include workflow optimization, compliance with regulatory standards, and more.

Mosio, Inc. has recently pioneered a new product, Study Team Reminders – an automated text message reminder system for clinical research staff. Research staffs often need help with multiple tasks, juggling administrative work, participant recruitment, and follow-up activities.

As a result, essential duties may need to be noticed, leading to delays or potential compliance issues. Automated text message reminders can help research staff stay organized and on top of their tasks, ensuring that clinical research runs smoothly and efficiently.

Sponsors, CROs, principal investigators, and research coordinators can use Mosio’s intuitive platform to create reminders and alerts for study staff. These reminders can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the research team and can be sent via SMS to ensure that all team members are on the same page.

The benefits of using an automated text message reminder system are numerous:

–  Firstly, it optimizes workflow processes for researchers, ensuring that essential tasks are not overlooked.
–  Secondly, it leverages a universal communication channel that is easy to use and accessible to all team members.
–  Thirdly, it helps ensure that teams comply with regulatory standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance issues.
–  Finally, it promotes participant engagement and lowers drop-out rates, ensuring that the study runs smoothly from start to finish.

In addition to these benefits, Staff feeling overwhelmed with their responsibilities may be more likely to cut corners in data collection processes, which can jeopardize the study’s accuracy. Automated reminders support clinical research teams and ensure that all participants are up-to-date on their responsibilities, reducing the risk of data compromise.

“Mosio is committed to providing innovative solutions that help streamline clinical research processes. We are excited to offer Study Team Reminders to our clients, which will help to improve communication, increase efficiency, and promote participant engagement,” said Noel Chandler, CEO of Mosio, Inc.

Study Team Reminders can support clinical research staff. For example, managers and coordinators can use automated text messaging to remind staff to make recruitment calls, distribute meeting minutes, download data across various devices, submit study details to the IRB, and update electronic case report forms.

In addition, automated text message reminders can also help to support staff retention and reduce turnover rates. Staff members feeling swamped with their responsibilities are more likely to seek other employment opportunities. Automated reminders can help staff members stay ahead of tasks and plan their workload more efficiently, encouraging staff retention and reducing turnover.

“Using Study Team Reminders, clinical research staff can stay organized and focused on their tasks, reducing the risk of delays or non-compliance issues. We are confident that this innovative solution will help our clients to achieve their clinical research goals and improve patient outcomes,” said Chandler.

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