Stephanie Assi – the new face of digital transformation in francophone Africa

February 24 23:57 2023
Meraky Tech is a digital factory based in Washington, DC, that operates primarily in West Africa. Their mission is to develop cutting-edge digital solutions to unlock every company’s hidden potential.

Meraky Tech

California – February 24th, 2023 – Meraky Tech was founded in 2019 by Stephanie Assi and is expanding into new markets each year. Meraky Tech works with companies in French-speaking African countries ranging from Guinea and Ivory Coast to Togo, Senegal and, soon, Benin; but also English-speaking African countries. 

According to the founder of Meraky Tech, “Stephanie’s goal is simple. We are building Africa’s Next Big Thing, and my fight is to make Cote d’Ivoire a tech hub similar to India.” “We are an ambitious company’s partner; Meraky Tech provides 360° support in digital transformation,” she added. 

Stephanie Assi Born and raised in Cote d’Ivoire, Stephanie moved to the United States to study computer science. Stephanie was an experienced Lead Software Engineer in the United States with more than 12 years of experience and success building advanced SAAS products for large government and private organizations. 

As a technology entrepreneur with a passion for FinTech, Stephanie is a key stakeholder in other African fintech startups.   

E-reputation is an essential part of the services provided by Meraky Tech. They allow the promotion of brands, personalities, products, and services to a good target audience. In addition, they offer technological solutions developed entirely tailored to customers for tracking and data analysis, they are pioneers in this field.  

Some other services Meraky Tech covers include E-reputation, Digital Tracking, Artificial Intelligence, Web/Mobile Development, Website Design, UX UI Design, Project Management, Solution Integration, and so on. 

One of the clients also stated, “Merachy Tech has excellent professionals who are always attentive to your needs, they made superb achievements in redesigning our website, which required a clean interface. I really appreciate the assistance of this company. I highly recommend it!”

Remarkably, Meraky Tech provides an expert team with proven experience that accompanies clients in the design, architecture, and development of their web and mobile application projects.

About Meraky Tech 

Meraky Tech is an African company specializing in the study, support, and development of digital projects. They focus on artificial intelligence, web and mobile development, website creation, e-reputation, tracking and analytics, digital marketing, UX/UI design, solution integration, and project management. Meraky Tech is based in Washington, DC, and operates primarily in West Africa. 

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