Beeble’s Secure Cloud Platform Now Available To The General Public – Private Secure Email and Encrypted Cloud Storage Without Third Party Access

January 13 19:36 2023
Beeble’s Secure Cloud Platform Now Available To The General Public - Private Secure Email and Encrypted Cloud Storage Without Third Party Access
Beeble’s platform has been created in such a way that only the user has access to their personal information. The users unique password and encryption keys are known only to them. Nobody can access the information without the owner’s permission.

Nicosia, Cyprus – January 13, 2023 – Having successfully completed the latest round of Beta Testing, Beeble is now available to both the public and private sector. Beeble has created a distributed and decentralized infrastructure for encrypted data storage. All information is protected and geographically duplicated in several countries. This is the epitome of reliability and security. 

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained, “The information in our servers is not stored, sent, or processed in an open form. We do not have access to the users’ passwords and encryption keys. All data is encrypted on the client’s device and then transferred to us. This means that neither we, nor any third party can decrypt the information we store and access the contents of letters or files without the user’s knowledge.” 

In this new digital world, geo-boundaries become meaningless as data streams to and from servers all over the planet. Special techniques and technologies must be employed to be able to declare that all data on Beeble is and will always be secure, as well as accessible. 

All user’s emails and files are encrypted with tested cryptographic algorithms. This eliminates the possibility of access to their information by third parties. Even Beeble has no access to user’s personal information. Beeble Email and Cloud are inter-integrated. There are no more restrictions on the size of letters. Files of any sizes will be delivered. 

Some of the features & benefits: 

  • Self-Destructing Letters: To maintain maximum confidentiality, you can set an automatic deletion time for any letter or file. After the deletion, this information cannot be restored. 
  • Decentralized Infrastructure: When developing Beeble, a fault-tolerant and secure server infrastructure was created. The data of our users is securely encrypted, geographically and legally distributed between various countries, and duplicated for maximum protection. 
  • Audio and Video Messages For Everyone: In Beeble Email, users can exchange audio and video messages. Messaging becomes easy and dynamic. Such messages can be successfully sent to users of other email services. 
  • Ease of Use: Beeble works on any device and the data is protected automatically and seamlessly. It is not required to install additional programs or plug-ins to work with Email and Cloud storage. 

About Beeble:

The team at Beeble are a group of businessmen, enthusiasts, developers, and engineers, concerned about today’s trends and issues in the field of information security and privacy. Being united in the concern for the right to privacy in the digital age, they created a confidential and secure environment for communication, storage of any data and automation of work processes. 

Beeble’s mission is to give people an alternative that embodies the paradigm of absolute privacy. Where all their information is their property, and no one can access it without their knowledge and wish. 

For complete information, visit:

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