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January 13 19:15 2023
Business Transformation Strategist, Michael Knulst, launched his new book titled “The Hidden Truths Of Success” where he shares his wisdom on building successful ventures

Business leaders in today’s world, are all grappling with the ramifications of multiple crises. They must decide how to adapt, pivot, recalibrate, rebuild, grow or scale their business. They are looking for ways to navigate these uncertain times and lead others because the path ahead is so unclear.

But, according to Michael Knulst, there are actually no business problems! You have life problems that manifest in your business; In other words, your business reflects and magnifies your life issues. Therefore you need to grow yourself first before you can actually grow your business.

In Michael’s vision, your business is the vehicle that helps you become the leader and role model you are meant to be. But, unlike starting, building, or growing a business, living an exciting, adventurous, and fulfilling life is something completely different. There are no maps for that. Such a journey requires a compass. Unfortunately, many of the available resources are often abstract and fail to deliver the needed guidance for entrepreneurs to achieve success. 

However, Michael Knulst is bringing his wisdom and expertise to bear in this regard as he released The Hidden Truths Of Success: How Life Defines Your Business, in which he reveals the compass for navigating your life and your business in the right direction. 

Readers of the book will access Michael’s wisdom garnered over the past three decades of building 4 multi-million-dollar businesses in IT, Consulting, Social Security, and Mental Healthcare. Over the years, Michael has worked with high-performance organizations like Adidas, Dale Carnegie, Ordina, Vinci, Oracle,, ASML, Maersk, Liberty Global, Siemens, and GrandVision, next to hundreds of small business owners worldwide. As a specialist in growth, he has generated over 75 million dollars in business for his clients.

As a sought-after keynote speaker, Michael has traveled worldwide sharing the stage with Billionaires, Millionaires, and Business Tycoons such as JT Foxx – the World’s Number 1 Wealth Coach, Patrice Motsepe – Africa’s first black billionaire, Property tycoon, and Real estate billionaire Hugh Hilton, South African millionaire and world-renowned jewelry designer Jenna Clifford and Ndabe Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s grandson who’s taking care of his grandfather’s legacy.

What Michael has found in working with so many different people around the globe, is that there’s a process on how to master your inner world, how to tap into an entirely different level of intelligence, and how to maximize gifts and talents, results, and performance accordingly.

“Your business is not only a generator to serve your customers, to satisfy your stakeholders, or a way to generate your income. It also needs to be the catalyst for developing bold leadership skills and a pathway to personal growth, transformation and to fulfill your destiny.” – Michael Knulst

It has become his mission to help entrepreneurs and CEOs create, design, and build their purpose-driven businesses. So they will be able to make a difference and help themselves, their families, their employees, their communities and their customers succeed.

Michael is the founder of Beyond Profits, an initiative created to share his proprietary methodology “Path to Purposeful Profits” for transforming any company into a purpose-driven business, within 90 days. 

The bestseller “The Hidden Truths Of Success: How Life Defines Your Business”, is currently available on Amazon. It was authored to help business people create a better version of themselves, and ultimately become much more successful, fruitful, and fulfilled in business and life.

For further information about Michael Knulst and his works through Beyond Profits, visit – and YouTube.

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