Hitork Actuators Are Used In Pu Water Treatment Project

January 13 12:16 2023

Hitork Actuators Are Used In Pu Water Treatment Project

Hitork electric actuator multi-turn series entered the PU project in Indonesia for the first time, and this project has a high requirement for the number of turns of the actuator, which can reach 3000 turns. Our technology can meet the requirements of field application, and has won the trust of customers.

The customer’s goods have been picked up now. We have prepared the operation video, user manual and other technical documents for the customer, providing professional technical support and installation guidance for the customer.

original source: https://www.hankunvalve.com/news/hitork-actuators-are-used-in-pu-water-treatment-project/

Instructions for fitting actuators to valves

1. Determine the output torque of the electric actuator according to the torque required by the valve

The torque required to open and close the valve determines the output torque of the electric actuator, which is generally proposed by the user or selected by the valve manufacturer. As the actuator manufacturer, it is only responsible for the output torque of the actuator, which is required for the normal opening and closing of the valve. The torque is determined by the valve diameter, working pressure and other factors, but due to the difference in the processing accuracy and assembly process of valve manufacturers, the torque required for valves of the same specification produced by different manufacturers is also different, even if the same valve manufacturer produces the same torque. The torque of the specification valve is also different. When the torque selection of the actuator is too small, it will cause the valve to be unable to open and close normally. Therefore, the electric actuator must choose a reasonable torque range.

2. Determine the electrical parameters according to the selected electric actuator. Because the electrical parameters of different actuator manufacturers are different, it is generally necessary to determine their electrical parameters when designing and selecting models, mainly including motor power, rated current, secondary control loop voltage, etc. The mismatch with the parameters of the electric actuator causes the faults such as the tripping of the space opener, the fuse blowing, and the thermal overload relay protection tripping during operation.

original source: https://www.hankunvalve.com/news/instructions-for-fitting-actuators-to-valves/

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