The Most Ambitious Art Project To Date: How the Artists of the Past are being resurrected by these NFTs from Marco Santini

January 13 00:45 2023

Can NFTs be used as digital signatures to serve as provenance?

Award-winning artist Marco Santini is doing just that with the unveiling of his latest and most ambitious project to date: the Signature Series. This 22-piece collection, brings together some of the biggest names in art history, including Basquiat, Warhol, Haring, Matisse, de Kooning, Kahlo, and more.

Santini takes rare, signed books from art’s biggest names and reimagines them as visual stories, cutting them up and deconstructing them to showcase the range and influence of the artists. Each book is paired with an exclusive animated NFT that explores what each artist would be creating if they were alive today, from Matisse’s paper cutouts swarming around to Keith Haring’s beating heart.

The Signature Series was launched during Miami Art Week at SCOPE on November 29th, 2022. On opening day, Santini sold his Kahlo piece for $35,000 and received amazing feedback from collectors and fans alike.

After SCOPE, Santini made his way to Old San Juan in Puerto Rico to launch the full collection at the Lighthouse NFT Gallery. Multiple pieces sold, including the Matisse and Hopper, and the exhibition is still on display.

Santini is hoping to bridge the gap between past and present with this project by creating a space for thoughtful dialogue about how we interact with our history through digital media platforms like blockchain technology.

(Frida Kahlo NFT Icon)

The best part of this series is that it benefits not only the buyers, but their local communities as well. Each buyer will be able to choose a school anywhere in the world for Santini to speak about art before painting a mural with students – bringing about an educational experience that will influence future creative minds.

Santini shows the students how to use spray paint and allows them to paint the background of the mural. Then, Santini asks the students what’s important to them and what inspires them. Then, he paints these words into the mural, acting as a mirror to amplify the space while making the students feel seen and heard.

With the Signature Series, Santini hopes to create a new art category that transforms historic relics into collaborative pieces that can be enjoyed from multiple perspectives.

As he continues working towards connecting past masters with the current generation of artists – one thing is certain: the Signature Series is sure to become his most memorable project to date.

(Salvador Dali Final Book) 

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