Empire Pharmacy Consultants Paves the Way for Pharmacy Staffing

  • PublishedJanuary 12, 2023
Recalibrating pharmacy staffing and consulting to give elite service

Recent world events, including the global pandemic, disrupted many business models worldwide, including pharmacies. Technological shifts changed the way people purchase goods and the lack of reliable workers has prompted pharmacy managers to tap into consultants on how to pivot and adapt to the changing times.

Empire Pharmacy Consultants (“EPC”), a leading pharmacy staffing and consulting firm based in South Florida, knows the challenges of pharmacy managers and owners today. To help pharmacies recalibrate their operations and staff, EPC offers its consultancy and staffing services, built on 50 years of pharmaceutical expertise.

A true-blue pharmacist, the Founder and CEO of Empire Pharmacy Consultants, Dr. Michael Chen, is armed with licenses of a Pharmacist, Pharmacist Consultant, Certified Designated Representative (CDR), and Realtor. He is always thinking of ways that his team can contribute to improving pharmacy operations on a global scale.

Outdated setups, poor compliance, and quality staff are just some of the challenges that EPC is set out to solve.

For businesses selling or buying a pharmacy, Empire Pharmacy Consultants has a host of network presenting opportunities. The company holds a database of pharmacies not listed anywhere, offering more value for sellers and buyers. It also has a network of attorneys to assess contracts and help them throughout the sale process.

To know more about Empire Pharmacy Consultants’ services, visit www.empirepharmacyconsultants.com.

About Empire Pharmacy Consultants

Empire Pharmacy Consultants was built from the ground up by Dr. Michael Chen. Dr. Chen graduated with a Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2002 and was accepted into a one-year Director of Hospital Pharmacy residency shortly after graduating. Later on, he furthered his pharmacy education and obtained a Pharmacist Consultant license (CPH). With years of experience under his belt, he founded Empire Pharmacy Consultants with the hopes of closing the gap between the needs of pharmacy owners, pharmacists, and technicians. Today, Empire Pharmacy Consultants remains the most reliable pharmacy staffing and consulting firm in the industry.

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