Elizabeth Borelli announces her upcoming 6-week MindBody Bridgeworks program

January 12 16:45 2023
Elizabeth Borelli is introducing a 6-week program combining science and fitness to help participants build a keystone habit of excellence to cement their ability to stay committed to their goals.

MindBody Bridgeworks

California – January 12, 2023 – Self-awareness is the foundation for every form of change, from health to career to relationships. However, brain-based coaching recognizes the mind-body connection, combining principles of neuroscience, biology, and psychology into a formula that works. Mindset mastery begins with an understanding of natural bias toward defense and the role this plays in the stress cycle.

Elizabeth Borelli is the CEO of MindBody Bridgeworks. She is an international best-selling author, executive coach, and nationally recognized speaker. She is also a top-ranked facilitator who helps busy individuals and teams increase the emotional awareness they need to reach their highest potential.

Elizabeth Borelli is launching her 6-week transformation program, introducing the MindBody Bridgeworks coaching program, which features daily Micro MindSnaps and everyday mindset management tools for busy people.

The Mind-Body Bootcamp has multiple deliverables: mindset training, light, fun total body fitness (strength, mobility), habit building and maintenance, and engagement with the community. The program’s diverse facilitators are Elizabeth Borelli and Phil Kornachuk, who is an Army special operations officer, personal trainer, and coach.

This program goes beyond experiential learning, inspiration, and motivation, and uses methods proven to sustain lasting growth and change. The program also includes simple assessments to help participants get a more objective look at where their natural tendencies to undermine their goals lie, and how to view and stop these hidden “saboteurs” from derailing them. 

“The mind and body are in constant communication. Unless you’re managing that conversation, your short-term habits will keep standing in the way of your long-term goals,” said Elizabeth Borelli.

“We’ll use the Breathe Into Breakthrough workbook to help you gain clarity, stay focused, overcome resistance, manage negative thinking patterns, and build the resilience you need to sustain lasting change,” she added.

There are several benefits to the MindBody Bridgework program, one of which helps participants gain clarity around their natural strengths and values. Participants also learn how to leverage these using simple mind-body practices for building confidence, focus, sustainable habit change, and mindfulness.

MindBody Bridgeworks’ 6-week transformation program features interactive presentations, weekly micro-challenges, and daily reminders to keep participants going strong. Likewise, the unique personal development program is designed to help participants build awareness and tune into the mind-body communication channel, overcome burnout, and connect with their inner resources to find strength and grounding. 

Participants will also learn to use breathwork to shift their state from stressed or drained to calm and energized. Throughout the program, they can discover everyday methods for increasing emotional intelligence, intercepting trigger states, and shifting focus.

Remarkably, the 6-week program is a journey to building emotional intelligence, mindset management, and lasting habit change. It includes weekly interactive live and video-recorded sessions, easy and engaging mind-body exercises, daily micro-mindsnap challenges, insightful assessments, ongoing coaching support, and more.

More information about MindBody Bridgeworks can be found on their Facebook page or through their LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethborelli

About MindBody Bridgeworks 

The 6-week Mind-Body Bootcamp program is delivered in weekly one-hour sessions, 20 minutes each of movement, mastery, and mindset, with daily micro-challenges and ongoing support to keep participants engaged through the time in between. MindBody Bridgeworks is brain-based coaching that recognizes the mind-body connection, combining principles of neuroscience, biology, and psychology into a formula that works.  

MindBody Bridgeworks

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