LUNAPROXY The Most Secured and Cheapest Residential Proxy Service in the Market

September 17 13:48 2022

U.K – September 17, 2022 – LUNAPROXY, is one of the most trusted names among proxy provider originated from United Kingdom, LUNAPROXY is a professional HTTP residential proxy with 90 million residential IPs that are covering 195 countries and regions. This is the best opportunity for everyone who requires a trusted and secured proxies only in just $2. LUNAPROXY products offer all the same residential proxy service as oxylabs and smartproxy provide. Every LUNAPROXY products save your 650% of the cost.

LUNAPROXY is the best quality-price ratio residential proxy, helping you get 90 million residential IP addresses for $2, powering your web scraping projects with rotating residential proxies from a 90M+ IP pool. Use easy-to-setup endpoints and avoid IP blocking. A large number of proxies means you can easily obtain local information, verify local sites, conduct market research or explore international competitors.

  • Easy integration with third-party software such as Bit, VM, Ads, etc.

  • Supports country, state, city, and zip code targeting

  • Web scraping freedom..

You can access associated websites and applications using the programme at any time and location. LUNAPROXY offers you high speed, stability, anonymous surfing, privacy protection, security proxy, and Wi-Fi hotspot proxy to its users in just 2$ that makes it the cheapest proxy service in the market.

“For large-scale operations, LUNAPROXY provides one of the most cutting-edge residential proxy services with unmatched speeds and IP availability in all Geographical regions.”

How to use LUNAPROXY, and know everything about its products by reaching out on the youtube channel by clicking below link, 

LUNAPROXY also provides one-click connection, limitless bandwidth, low latency, high connection rate, and ease of use. This is the Faster VPN, after connecting thanks to special optimization for nodes of special channels. 

LUNAPROXY provides the most reliable residential proxy service experience to protect your browsing security, so that no matter where you are, no one will spy on you, and you will be anonymous and untraceable. Unlimited time, unlimited data, unlimited bandwidth.

LUNAPROXY allows you to access all websites and apps from anywhere on the road, always keeping your information safe. And we also optimized the connection nodes of these platforms. For detailed information you can visit this website.

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