One Costly Mistake Amazon Sellers and Business Owners Are Making and How to Fix It

August 11 20:33 2022
Sell products online with an e-commerce website and crisis-resistant infrastructure

Believe it or not, disaster stories from Amazon sellers are as plentiful as the the number of products sold on Amazon.

What sellers criticize most are the enormous seller fees, product suppressions, account suspensions, replacement products sent by Amazon without consent, and competition with Amazon-owned brands, along with a pamphlet of other issues that cost Amazon sellers greatly.

Furthermore, Amazon sellers do not possess any meaningful control over how they communicate with, or market to their customers, which are their business’s lifeblood. These restrictive policies prevent sellers from reaching their brand’s true potential and take revenue to the next level. Why not take control and build a database of customers off of Amazon?

There is a practice COBE MEDIA emphasizes for its strategic importance. This practice involves setting up an omni-channel infrastructure that provides e-commerce sellers more security, reduced fees, gained market share, and control. Cloning an Amazon business on a secure, crisis-resistant infrastructure is an absolute must. Why would any business rely on one sales channel that could assassinate the operation at any time?

COBE MEDIA doesn’t recommend “jumping ship,” rather, build another one. Strategizing for the future will never be in vain. As the world these days treads the deep waters of uncertainty, the best way to combat crisis and reduce vulnerabilities is to fortify a business’s infrastructure. Ask the question: what steps are actively being taken to ensure a crisis-resistant business?

Inversely, an e-commerce seller that does not sell on Amazon, should sell there for the same reason Amazon-exclusive sellers should sell off of it. The risk is far too great to sell only on one platform. Even two platforms is not ideal, but it’s a start.

Most people avoid thinking about the possibility of waking up one morning and seeing their business vanish from a selling platform. It’s easier to remain optimistic. However, being a realist is what separates winners from losers and successes from failures. As important as it is to build an omni-channel infrastructure from a preparedness perspective, do not forget that a business is reaching more customers and sales by doing so.

Amazon sellers aside, business owners who provide services can equally benefit from these strategic principles to reduce risk and elevate a business’s potential. There are countless methods to reach more clients than one may think. With creativity and the ability to execute good ideas, the world offers an abundance of opportunities to leverage. It starts by being aware that there isn’t just one way to do things.

Amazon sellers and business owners, don’t wait until it’s too late. Prepare and grow a secure business simultaneously by building a crisis-resistant infrastructure. Start by adding an additional platform to the business’s e-commerce ecosystem, master it, and leverage its potential. Continue adding more platforms regularly and don’t be discouraged by the process.

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