A New Global Trend That Promises To Affect The Way People Relate To The Internet

August 02 18:00 2022

A new global trend that promises to affect the way people relate to the internet, as well as its impact on modern society. In a world ruled by being connected all the time, the evolution of the World Wide Web is a crucial factor in understanding how technology will transform human relationships.

An interesting concept of this new futuristic trend is the relationship of ownership of digital goods. An example of this are the non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which grant ownership over artistic works, music, collectibles, and even game items. With the announcement of the Metaverse by the former Facebook (now called Meta), these virtual items seem to have gained even more prominence: a house can cost millions of dollars in this digital world.

We will cover three major concepts:

Decentralization: independence from banks, government bodies, democratic borders or company technologies

Privacy: Avoiding exposure of personal data, annoyance with tracking and avoidance of targeted advertising

Virtualization: empowering digital worlds and reproducing realistic experiences in a virtual way

Taking this concept into consideration, we will unite in WEB3Finance what is most current…


But why Defi?

For the Defi concept is brought about by the set of financial services and products, such as loans, transfers, and payment systems, that run on a blockchain, a kind of decentralized and immutable database. As a rule, these solutions are not controlled by intermediaries such as banks or other financial institutions.

The technology’s main flagship, therefore, is to create a global financial system that is decentralized, independent, cheap, less bureaucratic, and accessible to all.


With all the above information, we will bring our investors innovation in the segment, reconcile the web3 trend with the DeFI concept, as well as surprises involving NFT’s during the process.

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