RentSimple Offers 100% Rent Guarantee For Northern Virginia Real Estate Investors

  • PublishedJuly 29, 2022
RentSimple Offers 100% Rent Guarantee For Northern Virginia Real Estate Investors
With Industry Leading Money-Back Guarantees, The Company Aims To Give Property Owners A Risk & Worry-Free Experience

Across the US, a great number of property owners lose out on potential long-term income by selling houses instead of renting them out. But at least in Northern Virginia, one company seems to be reversing this trend.

RentSimple provides property management services that aim to empower homeowners in renting properties out by offering a guarantee on all rental payments for the same cost as normal property managers.

“Holding on to real estate for the long term is a guaranteed method to build wealth,” explained the team at RentSimple. “The hard part is managing all the moving pieces that come with renting to a third party and it can easily get overwhelming, especially if you move outside of the area. And that’s where we come in.”

According to Forbes Home, the most important reason for selling property is that owners do not want to be landlords. Managing a rental property requires knowledge of applicable laws, dealing with tenants, maintaining the property, and no shortage of financial issues.

RentSimple’s services eliminate these issues for the property owner, so they can make the most out of the investment. The company takes care of listing properties — including staging, photography, and videography — as well as any necessary maintenance or updates. RentSimple also performs tenant screenings, regular inspections, and rent collection.

What sets RentSimple apart from other property management companies, however, are its guarantees that are virtually unmatched in its industry. Owners who choose RentSimple’s Premier Plan are guaranteed to receive 100% of the rent each month, even if the renter fails to pay. If a tenant placed by RentSimple ends up being evicted due to non-payment, the company will cover the full cost including court and legal fees. Its Good Pet Promise guarantee covers 100% of any damage caused by a tenant’s pet. On top of these, RentSimple offers to credit customers a full month’s worth of management fees plus the option to cancel the contract if they are not satisfied with the service.

“Our property management system is designed to eliminate worry, guesswork, and risk for the owner,” said Will Austin, Principal Broker at RentSimple.

“Will Austin has managed several of my properties for seven years,” said Michael V., one of RentSimple’s homeowners. “His team made the process so easy that at one point I actually thought there was an issue because it was going ‘too smoothly.’ I would give six stars if it was an option.”

For more information on RentSimple’s services, interested property owners may visit https://rentsimplepm.com/.

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