Discusses the Benefits of Requiring Personality Tests for Jobs

June 30 03:48 2022 Discusses the Benefits of Requiring Personality Tests for Jobs

Personality tests have become an important part of many organizations’ hiring processes. These carefully designed questionnaires reveal different aspects of a job candidate’s character. Insightful recruiters and hiring managers can use the information garnered from the tests to assess a candidate’s fit for open positions. Those who have yet to embrace this trend are encouraged to find out about the benefits of incorporating personality testing into the hiring process.

Develop a Better Understanding of Candidates

Every job requires not just a different skill set but also a diverse array of character traits, and according to, seeking employees with the right personalities for open jobs can improve workplace performance. It makes sense to think about filling positions in this way since testing allows recruiters to pursue the candidates that will be the best fit for the job. Personality tests won’t help HR find top tech talent by themselves, and they’ll never replace traditional resumes, but the more information a hiring manager has, the better.

Speed Up the Recruitment Process

Administering personality tests can speed up the recruitment process. Instead of interviewing every candidate, hiring managers entrust the administering of personality tests to a company like Wonderlic. They can then move forward with interviews only if the candidates have proven that they will be a good fit for the role and the company culture.

Eliminate Bias

No matter how smart and self-aware interviewers are, they’ll still be subject to unconscious bias. This article is a fantastic read for anyone who wants to learn more about unconscious bias and diversity in the workplace, but no amount of education will eliminate the problem entirely. Administering personality tests, on the other hand, can significantly decrease the role of unconscious bias in the hiring process.


Implementing pre-hiring personality tests is a cost-effective measure in comparison to other recruiting techniques. They provide usable results within hours that would take months to discover post-hiring without personality testing. Because this quick and easy technique diminishes the chances of bad hires, it provides an excellent return on investment.

Detect Negative Personality Traits

Often referred to as dark personality traits, issues like self-obsession, insensitivity, opportunism, and impulsiveness can all have a dramatic negative effect not just on the affected employee’s productivity but also on morale. In some industries, hiring a candidate with dark personality traits can even be dangerous. Even when it’s not dangerous to hire the wrong person, avoiding people with dark personality traits is a great way to maintain a positive workplace environment.

Personality Testing Is a Useful Tool

While no one would argue that hiring managers should make decisions about which candidates to consider based on personality testing alone, it can be very helpful to add it to a company’s pre-interview process. Eliminating candidates whose personalities would make them unsuitable for the job will save interviewers time and reduce the chances that a poorly suited employee will bring down company morale. Eliminating these and other common issues is worth the small investment required to hire a personality testing company to generate questionnaires.

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