Gear Motors Help Cleaning Appliances Find New Value

  • PublishedJune 22, 2022

Under the impact of the pandemic, cleanliness now takes on a new meaning. Increasing public awareness regarding health and hygiene, growing benefits of staying in a clean environment, and blooming new technologies drive the new trends into the cleaning appliance market. Besides, owing to the rising number of nuclear families and disposable income, people show more willingness to try new emerged appliances such as the latest robot vacuum, wireless vacuum cleaner, wet/dry vacuum, etc. According to the statistics, global sales of cleaning appliances are estimated to close in on US$ 15 Bn by the end of 2031, increasing at a CAGR of 10%, mostly driven by developments in the residential sector, which holds more than 65% of market share.

Furthermore, with the development of 5G and IoT (Internet of Things), the industry has opened up a new realm of possibilities for enhancing cleaning efficiency through intelligent cleaning appliances. ZHAOWEI, a company that committed to gear motor drive systems in smart home fields for more than 20 years, develops smart home drive solutions and helps the manufacturer to find out a way of seizing the market. Together with manufacturers, ZHAOWEI launches a peristaltic pump for wet/dry vacuum and optimizes the gear motor structure of the robot vacuum cleaner, which realizes better intelligence and leads the next evolution of smart cleaning appliances.

ZHAOWEI Makes Efforts On Vacuum Cleaners

As one of the star products, the micro gear motor drive system applied on robot vacuum always be popular. ZHAOWEI is committed to developing two micro gear motor drive systems to improve robot vacuum transmission efficiency through optimizing the gears and tooth profile, which are respectively applied on the wheels and side brush of the robot vacuum. Generally speaking, a robot vacuum includes a driven steering wheel on the front and two driving wheels on both sides controlled by a gear motor. In order to make the robot vacuum move more smoothly even in a narrow space with low noise, ZHAOWEI adopts a DC motor as the driven motor achieves a working noise lower than 46db. As for the cleaning structure, it is mainly composed of a vacuum cleaner and a rotating brush driven by a motor. ZHAOWEI adjusts the structure of the main brush gearhead to prevent motor damage from hair winding and greatly reduce noise.

When it talks to cleaning appliances, the wireless vacuum cleaner is another well-known device, which set people free from the burden of connecting the machine with cables on its tube. So as to avoid the motor damage caused by hair winding into the driving device and make the brush head durable in the cleaning process ZHAOWEI optimizes the structure of the main brush gear motor of the wireless vacuum cleaner. By adding high torque planetary gearbox to the floor brush suction head of the vacuum cleaner, ZHAOWEI’s micro gear motor drive system meets the requirement of low noise, long service life, and high efficiency.

In recent years, the most eye-catching cleaners must be the wet/dry vacuum cleaner which can be called the pro version of the traditional vacuum cleaner. Compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, the wet/dry vacuum cleaner has wet mode and dry mode allowing users to wash and dry the floors at the same time, which significantly cuts down the time and effort spent cleaning. To achieve the above functions, the micro gear motor drive system is embedded into the machine. ZHAOWEI’s wet/dry vacuum cleaner drive module consists of a high-performance DC motor and gear parallel transmission mechanism, which can provide dustproof and waterproof functions according to the customer’s need. Furthermore, ZHAOWEI develops a peristaltic pump drive system that allows the machine to precisely control the water yield. A peristaltic pump is a type of positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids. ZHAOWEI’s peristaltic pump drive system controls the roller clamps to squeeze the fluid hose outward through a spiral lever to precisely control the transmission of liquid, which avoid leaving excess water stains and saves water.

Stepping into the Future Cleaning Appliances

With the fast pace of life, people become unwilling to spend their time and energy on house chores, which brings new trends into the cleaning appliances industry. Driven by innovative technologies, cleaning is becoming smarter and smarter. As one of the symbols of cleaning appliances, vacuum cleaners first apply robotic technologies to help people set free from the household burden. In the future, with the deeper implementation of smart applications and the applications of gear motor drive systems, the cleaning appliances industry should find out their new value. 

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