Hendersonville Tree Service Experts Donates 20 Trees to a Homeowner

  • PublishedJune 21, 2022

Hendersonville, Tennessee – It has been a couple of days since John Beard called Hendersonville Tree Service Experts. He wanted help with the damaged trees in his yard. The trees had been badly uprooted after a stormy night. He sounded disappointed after finding the trees were all uprooted. When trees have overgrown branches and are not trimmed or pruned, they become susceptible to breaking or being uprooted by the wind.

The family woke up in a shock,” said John Beard. “Every tree in the yard had been uprooted by the storm. The trees gave the landscape a beautiful look. Sadly, the yard now looked naked and boring. The family did not suspect the overgrowth on the trees was exposing them to such damage. In addition, the trees offered adequate shade.”

John Beard truly treasured his trees. When the situation occurred, he was utterly disappointed. He further noted how he had struggled with the trees to grow and only to later be destroyed by the storm.

The homeowner noted that trees often are grown to act as windbreakers next to utilities; they break down the wind momentum that exposes the houses to damage. Strong winds at times blow off the roofs, and when trees are planted along the yards, it prevents such occurrences.

When Hendersonville Tree Service Experts answered the call, the customer care responded warmly,” said John Beard. “The family had been truly irked but then the trees had to be removed to restore the beauty of the landscape. The trees were stormed-damaged and were nothing but useless. The customer care informed the family about the charges and also when the trees were scheduled for removal. In addition, the company promised the family that a tree expert was to pass by and check on the trees.”

After the recent storm, the company had been on schedule offering tree services to the harboring customers. The storm had destroyed several trees in the neighborhood. It forced the company to divide its team of experts into groups to ensure every customer was at least served.

Henderson Tree Service Experts recently purchased new inventories. To catch up on the story, follow the link in the description https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/hendersonville-tree-service-experts-adds-a-bucket-truck-and-crane-to-its-tree-service-tools.

Oak trees are quite popular in these settings,” said the Hendersonville Tree Experts CEO. “Oak trees have some of the biggest branches and the heaviest as well. With such a weight, they pose risks of being uprooted. Adverse weather like the storm results in consequential damage. However, in the future, to prevent cases of losing trees to the storm, families have to take extra caution. The trees have to be taken care of, to improve their health and longevity.”

When the team showed up on the landscape, it was a sigh of relief,” said John Beard. “They had a crane, power-cutting tools, ropes, and a bucket truck. The machines deeply rooted the family’s confidence in the team. They immediately trimmed the trees and pulled them away from the branches. They then cut the trunks into sizeable parts and lifted them away with the crane. The team decided to prepare the landscape at no additional fee.”

The team prepared the landscape at John Beard’s yard without informing him. Instead, he understood it was customary for the team to do so. After two days, the company donated 20 trees to John Beard to show him Henderson Tree Service Experts cared. He was elated by the company’s benevolence. He informed the company the family was planning to plant the trees a day later.

Henderson Tree Service Experts’ head offices are located at 165 Indian Lake Blvd, Henderson, TN 37075, United States. However, the company can be reached through a call at +1 615-551-0754 and [email protected]

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