Start Frugal launches StartFrugal.com, a new peer support online platform for first-time founders

  • PublishedMay 10, 2022
Skip the endless researching and networking. Get access to the best insider resources from day 1 at Start Frugal.

Sydney, NSW, Australia – Start Frugal announces the launch of Startfrugal.com, a new peer support online platform for first-time founders. The platform, which goes live on 9th May, is set to revolutionize the startup ecosystem by bringing together all the stakeholders and resources on a single network. The integrated platform will provide all the help that startups need to scale up and become sustainable.

Speaking on the occasion, Stella Xu, founder of Start Frugal, said, “We are excited to launch our new integrated platform to support startup businesses and simplify access to the resources they need to drive growth. We are building a community of founders, investors, and startup growth partners to provide connections and resources for first-time founders, which includes startup deals, provider recommendations, and exclusive content.”

Start Frugal is the brainchild of Stella Xu, who was an investor at a leading Venture Capital firm before creating Start Frugal. Having worked in a Nasdaq listed startup, she is passionate about creating a strong community to support founders from the first day, whether they are bootstrapping or seeking investments.

A group of contributors with backgrounds as startup founders, investors, and operators are behind the platform and provide valuable insights.

The platform is packed with features and resources that include:

  • Startup deals: a collection of special discounts to lower the barrier for startups to tap into great products and services
  • Insider talks: a series of videos that covers fundraising, company growth, and frequently asked questions by first-time founders
  • Community: a network of friends, mentors, and partners who help each other start their companies. We share our resources, skills, and contacts to help everyone achieve their goals.

While the platform (startfrugal.com) is launching on 9th May, the platform’s community feature is expected to launch at the end of May.

“Our members are a top priority for us and we want to make sure we provide them with the best resources on the platform,” says Stella. “We will continue to invest in development of the platform so that we can always offer top-class resources and content that incorporate the emerging trends and user feedback.”

The multitude of resources available on the platform will be a boon for first-time startup founders who are looking for a community and support but do not have an existing network in the space. New investors will find the platform extremely useful to connect with more founders in their preferred niche. Startup growth partners who would like to work with more startups can also benefit by joining the platform.

About Start Frugal

Start Frugal is the definitive platform for startups. It provides all the help that first-time founders need to get their businesses off the ground. The experienced contributors on the platform are startup founders, investors, and operators who share their knowledge and advice on fundraising, growth, and strategy. In the platform, founders can find Startup deals, connect with growth partners and get advice from its community of experts. With Start Frugal, first-time founders have everything they need to succeed.

For more information about the company and the platform, visit their website or reach out via social media profiles.

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