Oteko Ecology Efforts Recognized By Taman Region Authorities

  • PublishedMay 9, 2022

Oteko Group has been highly praised for its efforts regarding ecological and socio-economic efforts in the Taman region. With the launch of new loading facilities in the port of Taman, the company has implemented a broad range of initiatives aimed at improving the environmental and social situation in the area of responsibility of Oteko Taman.

Oteko ecology efforts have been recognized by local supervisory authorities of the Krasnodar Region, which have highlighted that the company has complied with all sanitary and environmental requirements within the port and its outlying areas. No harmful substances have been identified, leading to a favorable ecological situation for local residents, as well as fauna and flora. The lack of harmful substances in the vicinity of the port is vital for ensuring sustainable and favorable environmental factors for the local wildlife, some of which is considered to be endangered. The proximity of the Black Sea is also an important factor that was considered during the supervisory phase. The need for stringent testing is also based on the fact that multiple residential areas and public spaces are located in close proximity to the port of Taman, serving as housing for employees and their families.

Oteko Group is intent on continuing its sustainable ecological support measures in the near future by launching routine air quality measurements in the vicinity of the port of Taman. A mobile laboratory will be purchased for said purposes. The company has stated that the mobile laboratory will be conducting routine daily runs around and outside the premises of the port’s facilities to conduct ongoing testing of water and air samples, thus ensuring zero pollution levels and emissions.

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