Northridge Fashion Center Welcomes Qargo Coffee

  • PublishedJanuary 26, 2022
Shop and enjoy a delicious break with Qargo Coffee at Northridge Fashion Center.

It’s all good news for the residents of Northridge in the Los Angeles area: Qargo Coffee, the coffee shop that is revolutionizing the experience of enjoying hand-crafted beverages, pastries and luxury Italian desserts, has opened a new location in the Northridge Fashion Center Mall, and it has been a great success.


In their aim to empower the creators and transform the way that people enjoy a cup of coffee, this American brand has arrived at their first shopping mall, looking to provide a space in which visitors, shoppers and employees can have a moment to themselves; to relax, to share with friends and family or simply to take a break from their hectic day.

“We pursued opening the Northridge Fashion Center location because we knew that the existing population was diverse: made up largely of students and technical-field workers, and Qargo Coffee is in the business of empowering the creators, so we knew that Northridge was the perfect place for us. We’re creating a space where people can gather to create, collaborate or have fun while enjoying Qargo Coffee’s hospitality.”said Thomas Scott, CEO of Qargo Coffee.

At their kiosk, located in the north center rotunda of the mall, the experience is more than joyful thanks to their friendly staff, their delicious Lavazza drinks and their amenities, such as free broad-band Wi-Fi connection. All of this contributes to a great atmosphere among customers, employees and visitors.

Some of their customers even share testimonials, speaking to the ways in which Qargo Coffee is helping to empower them, one cup of coffee at a time: “I stopped at their kiosk today. I needed a quick pick-me-up after shopping with the kids, so we enjoyed some smoothies and a bite to eat and it was just perfect. I’m definitely coming back!” said Barbara Egerton, a mother of two who decided to share her experience.

Qargo is aware that people go to the mall on breaks: to run errands, shop, walk or enjoy people watching. But even for leisure, the mall can be an overwhelming experience due to crowds and lines and that’s why Qargo promises everyone who visits the Northridge Fashion Center Mall a space to take “A break from your break” and where guests of all ages can really enjoy the experience of shopping.

But what makes this coffee shop so different from the others? Aside from their products, their staff and the amenities, they’re also planning to have special promotions for mall-goers. A few worth mentioning are twice-daily happy hours featuring product sampling, Valentine’s Day seasonal items and even a discount of 20% off for all mall employees, which is another great way for Qargo Coffee to contribute to and empower this diverse Northridge community.

So for now, make sure that on your next shopping spree to Northridge Fashion Center, you stop by Qargo Coffee’s kiosk, to delight yourself with their Lavazza coffee, Bindi Italian desserts and pastries and their incredible overall experience. Just remember that it is located in the north center rotunda of the mall, right at the bottom of the escalator on level one.

About Qargo Coffee

Qargo Coffee is a specialty coffee shop proudly serving world famous, sustainably-sourced Lavazza coffee, inspired handcrafted drinks, delicious pastries, tasty baked goods, breakfast, lunch and snack items. Founded in 2020, the Florida-based company is on a mission to create a new coffee shop experience and their locations create an oasis for a moment of relaxation, intimate conversation or a gathering of friends. They are also committed to developing new locations with eco-friendly construction methods and sustainable best practices, while positioning to expand in select markets across the U.S.

Find out more about their products and new locations on their social media:

Official Website: https://www.qargocoffee.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QargoCoffeeOfficial

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