Streamr Helps To Create Subtitles to YouTube Videos, Facebook videos, and more

  • PublishedJanuary 18, 2022

Streamr is a software that offers all-in-one solutions from providing video translation and video transcription, audio translation, and audio transcription to captioning, subtitles, voice-overs, and more. It’s relatively affordable and utilizes the latest innovations in providing all these. By getting started with the software, clients are assured of not just getting an app that is going to add subtitles to their videos, provides an opportunity to transcribe videos, but they will be getting a commercially licensed software to profit from for a lifetime.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, “Subtitling has become a vital part of the video production process in every case. Algorithms on video platforms and social media are progressively favoring viewing without sound, which necessitates adding subtitles to videos. Subtitles, in general, can boost the visual impact of one’s videos, make their messages easier to recall, and encourage viewers to interact with them.”

Add subtitles to video online today with Streamr. The software is one of the top AI-powered transcription and translation software in the market with industry-leading accuracy. It’s fast, accurate, and affordable. The software comes with broad amazing features such as the ability for a user to import their SRT file transcription, the ability to add SDH subtitles for optimum video experience, and the ability to upload files of any size and length. Also, it comes with flexible document and subtitle export options such as customized formatting, timestamps, and more. The software has a built-in live streaming technology designed to make a user’s video go viral on Facebook, YouTube, D.Tube, and Dive.Tv for free leads, traffic, and sales.

The company spokesperson added, “Furthermore, they adjust the content for the deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences and make it accessible to all. So, subtitling is practically a must-have in one’s video marketing plan for all of these reasons. Thus, it is a great technique for one o engages people from all around the world. For more insight, clients can contact us.”

Furthermore, users don’t require any special skills or experience to use Streamr. There’s zero learning curve. With it, it’s just effortlessly to translate, transcribe and add captions and voice-overs in over 50 plus major languages with over 270 different voices. It’s all about playing around with the tool, and by doing so, a user will get to add subtitles to the video and convert it into another language. 

Setting up the app and getting started is easy as clicking on a submit button. That is just it. Additionally, the software it’s all-in-one simple. In that, everything a user may need is inside one dashboard, and this includes video transcription, video translation, audio translation, audio transcription, caption creation, and placement, subtitles syncing, voice level controls, and more.

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Streamr is a software that has made it easy for individuals to add subtitles, translate and transcribe videos with ease. It’s fully automated and works perfectly well on both Windows and Mac.

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