Asks What Is Data Roaming and Other Frequently Asked Questions

November 20 04:42 2021 Asks What Is Data Roaming and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Not all cell phone networks provide equal coverage. When cell phone users are outside of the area covered by their networks, their phones will roam to find coverage from another provider. Data roaming allows cell phone users to access the Internet on their devices even when they leave their carriers’ coverage areas. 

Though this service is nearly ubiquitous in the United States, some people are still unfamiliar with it. They may want to get more information before taking advantage of data roaming. Cell phone users who have never turned on roaming can find answers to their most pressing questions below.

How Can Users Tell if a Device Is Roaming?

Most devices, according to, have visual indicators that let users know they are roaming. Each device has its own specific symbol and specifications, though. The best way to tell what the roaming symbol will look like on a particular phone is to refer to the user guide for details.

Is Data Roaming Expensive?

The cost of data roaming varies by plan and by location. Some cell phone service providers offer free domestic roaming, for example, while others charge for the service. International data roaming almost always comes with a host of fees, but using services like GigSky can help to keep costs under control.

Are There Restrictions on Data Roaming?

Whether there are restrictions on the use of data roaming will depend on the user’s phone plan. Most phone plans have allowances for data roaming that are measured in MB of data sent or received. Once users go over their allowances, they may be charged for continuing to use the service.

Can Data Roaming Be Turned Off?

Mobile communications: keep on roaming! Until it gets too expensive. When users want to turn off data roaming, they can go to their phone settings and look for a menu that reads either “Mobile Data” on iPhones or “Mobile Networks” on Androids. Simply turn off the data roaming setting to prevent phone apps from accidentally ringing up hefty bills.

How Much Does Data Roaming Usually Cost?

Domestic data roaming is usually free, at least until users reach their limits. International data roaming, on the other hand, can be quite expensive. Expect to pay around $2.00 per MB of data consumed while outside the country.

Should Data Roaming Ever Be On Overseas?

People who travel overseas for business may have no choice but to use international data roaming occasionally to check emails, hail rides using ride-share apps, or accomplish other necessary goals. They should still keep the data roaming turned off on their phones when not in use. Checking emails uses only minimal data as long as users don’t download attachments. Using more advanced apps tends to wrack up much larger bills.

Plan in Advance for International Travel

The best way to avoid exorbitant international data roaming charges is to make plans in advance for traveling overseas. Some people purchase phones and temporary phone plans when they get to each country. Others use data roaming as a service apps that offer country-specific, regional, and global data plans. The latter option is the best way to avoid unexpected bills.

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