Introducing Rosial Concept, Romania’s one-stop destination for first-class Indoor & Outdoor Advertising

June 30 23:54 2021
Rosial Concept is a Romanian Indoor & Outdoor Advertising company with national coverage and a large production capacity.

A successful business needs promotion, both on the Internet and in indoor/outdoor advertising. In fact, Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. In 2020, the advertising expenditure in Romania totalled approximately 600.5 million US dollars and was expected to increase by another 26 percent until 2024 and as an industry-leading company, Rosial Concept is at the forefront of this growth with its impeccable services.

Amazing Products and innovations are being manufactured daily by brilliant minds. Products and services that will undoubtedly make life easier and promote the businesses of its intended clients. Such are the services of Rosial Concept; adeptly crafting high-quality, first-class advertising inscriptions ranging from simple lightboxes, volumetric letters, totems, window decorations, car inscriptions, to large works that are mounted on buildings and land, including their authorization if necessary.

Speaking about their services, a company executive, Alex, said: ”We are always up to date with the latest news in the field. Using the best quality materials and products. We listen to the client to know his needs. By completing projects on time, we show respect for the client. We deliver and assemble the ordered projects anywhere in the country.”

With longevity comes experience. With experience comes greater expertise. This advertising company has the edge over its competitors with its longevity in the industry, with the company’s staff boasting over 20 years of experience in the field of advertising production. Additionally, Rosial Concept conspicuously separates itself from the rest with the complete package they offer to customers, from graphic concept, advertising authorization, production, transport and last but not least assembly.

”If you are wondering why you would choose us and not another competing company, we can tell you that the experience in the field, the multitude of satisfied customers, make Rosial Concept the ideal candidate”, said Alex.

Indeed, Rosial Concept’s multitude of satisfied customers have nothing but rave reviews about the company’s services. According to a company, Euroins Romania Asigurare: ”Reasigurare SA, collaborated with the company Rosial Concept SRL Otopeni, lifov, for the purchase of products and the execution of works in the field of advertising production, as well as the assembly services related to them. We chose to collaborate with this company, for the endowment in terms of the execution of such products, the very good level in terms of assembly and other services provided, for the competence of the solutions offered and the proven seriousness. We recommend the company Rosial Concept for possible future collaborations”. – Mihnea Tobescu Euroins Romania Asigurare, Reasigurare SA.

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