4 Critical Selection Criteria for Maternity Compression Leggings by SRC Health

June 30 23:15 2021
A Guide For New Moms To Get Best Value Pregnancy and Recovery Compression Garments.

Most of us live on a budget, especially with the baby on the way. So to spend around $150 on maternity leggings or shorts is a luxury, however many women don’t blink when spending that on a pair of shoes.

“Can one put a price on getting through the demands of work and exercise with less pain during pregnancy? Or the cost to move more freely after delivery and make lifting, feeding, bathing and caring for the baby easier? This is priceless, which is why so much blood, sweat and tears went into developing the garments after child number 3”, says Sinead O’Donovan, the MD and founder of SRC Health.

Regardless of the brand of maternity leggings or shorts mothers decide to choose, they need to ask the right questions:

1. Is the maternity compression garment “fit for purpose”?

SRC garments are designed by women for women, in consultation with an obstetrician using a structured approach towards research and development.

The patented design features Anatomical Support Panels (ASP) within the garment that has been specially located for either pregnancy or recovery post-delivery to provide targeted compression for assisting with multiple conditions such as Low Back Pain, SI Joint Pain, Pelvic Girdle Pain, Mild Varicose Veins and Vulval Varicosities during pregnancy.

SRC Pregnancy leggings or shorts https://srchealth.com/collections/pregnancy can be worn for 24 hours a day – for anywhere between 15-28 weeks which equates to between $1.20 to $0.66 per day, not a large price to pay to be able to enjoy pregnancy and get ready for the arrival of the little one. They can be used for work and exercise and for subsequent pregnancies.

With SRC Recovery Shorts and Leggings https://srchealth.com/collections/recovery, the (ASP) assist with perineal wounds and stitches, C-Section and abdominal muscle separation and are used by many customers for exercise and for aesthetic reasons under fitted clothing for years after the initial 8-12 week recovery period.

Gentle medical grade compression avoids muscle deactivation and allows for SRC garments to deliver 24-hour and pain relief.

2. Is the maternity compression garment “evidence based”?

SRC invests in clinical trials, research studies and focus groups to understand how best to support women on their journey and produce the best possible support garment and the research can be found on their website https://srchealth.com/pages/research

3. How is the garment quality tested?

SRC fabrics are tested multiple times before reaching the market. This also includes the 100-Wash Test that ensures a longer lasting garment with no drop in compression performance.

4. Are the garments endorsed by any relevant health care practitioner organisations?

SRC maternity compression garments are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the Australian College of Midwives.

SRC has a 100% Money Back Guarantee to eliminate all risk when products are purchased from Amazon or the SRC website https://srchealth.com/

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