Hey! Lingo Takes Language Learning to a Whole New Level of Fun

June 30 20:06 2021
Communicate better with Hey! Lingo’s cutting-edge language learning application.

As cliché as it may sound, communicating effectively is an important life skill because it allows people to exchange information and knowledge, and develop relationships. However, there are certain barriers that need to be overcome and language is among those. But fret no more, because Hey! Lingo has finally launched its cutting-edge language learning application. It is one thing to know how to communicate well but it’s definitely an advantage if a person can do it in various languages.

Unlike other digital language learning tools, Hey! Lingo offers a gamified learning experience with high performance. They even have animated avatars to their learners can really feel immersed with the overall educational experience. Learning through Hey! Lingo is very customizable because they also allow their users to set their study goals or better understand some words through difficult and pinned cards. Of course, they also have basic courses where commonly used words and sentences are first introduced. Every language course has word by word audio and translation that guarantees effective mastery of the language.

But the fun part is Hey! Lingo has a variety of exercises to challenge and educate its users with direct translations, replacing incorrect words, adding missing words, and practicing spelling and listening. In addition, they also have a transliteration feature where exotic languages can be easily learned by transliterating letters into good old fashioned ABCs.

And the enjoyable learning experience doesn’t end there. Hey! Lingo also has a leaderboard feature where learners can compete and see how they stand compared to their contemporaries. If users have friends that also use the service, they can also start challenges to compare skills in any language or subject. It’s an exciting addition to the application that unleashes people’s competitive spirit and motivates them to learn more.

Finnish and want to learn Filipino? Spanish and want to learn Slovak? Hungarian and want to learn Hindi? Hey! Lingo offers unique language pairings, while others do not. With a diverse team from over 26 countries, almost every language thinkable is available to learn at their website and application.

Hey! Lingo is readily available at the Apple Application Store and Google Play Store. But for those who wish to use a laptop or PC, they also have an HTML5 version available at their website https://www.heylingo.com/. Language learning was not only made fun but it is also accessible and affordable for everyone. Join the fun and learn a new language today.

About Hey! Lingo

Hey! Lingo is a language learning application available in iOS and Android. They also have an HTML5 version at their website.

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