Dynamic DNA Labs – Now Offering At Home DNA Testing For Health & Wellness

June 30 19:10 2021
Dynamic DNA Labs - Now Offering At Home DNA Testing For Health & Wellness

Dynamic DNA Labs, a cutting-edge genetics lab, is proud to offer at-home advanced DNA testing services, with an emphasis on family and ancestry testing, personalized medicine, and proactive health panels, helping customers better understand their DNAs, and how it is impacted by their diets, exercise, and lifestyles, along with potential risks that they need to be aware of.

It is widely accepted that generalized dietary recommendations have a limited impact. Our genes dictate how our body responds to various diets, breaks down fats, and assimilates nutrients, which is why a personalized approach to nutrition based on genetic testing is essential in achieving the desired results.

Nutrigenomic testing is strongly supported by scientific evidence in helping identify traits that show responses and intolerances to various diets, and susceptibility to certain diseases. Studies show a significant improvement in the efficacy of diets overall as a result of genetic testing.

With a fully functioning, CLIA certified, and CAP-accredited lab, Dynamic DNA follows the latest regulations and testing standards to ensure the highest quality of services. The lab has 35 years of experience in research, testing, pathology & forensics, with a highly qualified team, published in leading scientific journals.

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