Digitizing Behavioral Health Records Through Zoobook Systems

June 30 00:03 2021
Achieving real-time clinical compliance and optimizing referral sourcing.

Technology has definitely changed the way people use and gather data. Gone are the days when people had to manually go through a thick pile of health records just to get the right information about a certain patient. Although the manual system worked, it took some time to retrieve the information needed and time is of the essence especially in behavioral health centers.

With the digitization of health records, electronic medical records (EMRs) were initially developed, and these were just basically digital versions of a patient’s paper chart wherein the notes and information it contains serve as guide for diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, electronic health records (EHRs) are more broad in a sense that they contain completely collected data from all clinicians involved in a patient’s care. Founded in 2017 by Anna Komissarenko, Zoobook Systems is an EHR that was created in a behavioral health center to provide a management solution to clinicians and administrators.

According to the team at Zoobook Systems, “EHRs are built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider’s office and are inclusive of a broader view of a patient’s care. EHRs contain evidence-based tools and assessments for better decision-making regarding diagnosis and treatment. EHRs help manage clinical workflows through an interactive interface that engages the provider in offering better care by way of on-screen alerts or prompts.” Having a system like this in busy addiction and mental health facilities can help them achieve real-time clinical compliance, optimize referral sourcing, and capture 100% of billing.

Zoobook EHR developed by Zoobook Systems have three core functions for clinicians and administrators and specifically these are: real-time monitoring, automated billing, and advanced integrations. Real-time monitoring helps improve service delivery for every client through ensuring that state-mandated minimums are being met in terms of care at every level. Contrarily, automated billing is a feature that guarantees accurate and actual billing and invoices, wherein it is also capable of other services such as managing co-pays and credit card payments. Lastly, advanced integration assists in the effective optimization of a certain health clinic or center, by allowing its users to efficiently manage its services in just one system.

Zoobook Systems is run by a team of experts and they also have a Health IT Certification. Zoobook EHR is Meaningful Use ONC-ACB certified 2015 Edition. It is guaranteed that they have a trustworthy and effective application for EHRs that will definitely help clinicians and administrators manage patient data more efficiently.

Know more about Zoobok Systems by visiting their website at https://zoobooksystems.com/.

About Zoobok Systems and Zoobook EHR

Zoobook Systems and it’s software product Zoobook EHR is the leader in providing evidence-based clinical decision support solutions. Integrated billing, human resources, clinical, medical, quality assurance, and building management creates efficient work practices and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

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