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June 29 21:15 2021

Efan Gold has a large R&D team of internationally renowned designers in Singapore, whose designs express beautiful and sincere works with a global perspective. Efan Gold products are currently divided into three categories: Gold and Silver jewellery, Gold and Silver gifts, Gold and Silver investment. Combined with offline high-quality supply chain resources, direct source, avoiding  price increases, allowing consumers to buy cheaper gold and silver goods.

Since ancient times, gold has always been a power chip and a means of wealth storage on the financial stage. From small families to large countries, gold has appeared in various forms in front of people, or jewelry, or Efan gold bullion. Buying gold is very important to the Indian people with a long history. Similarly, the national gold reserve has a long history. To this day, central banks around the world continue to buy gold.

Sluggish and uncertain global economic growth prompted global central banks to purchase 96 tons of gold in the first quarter of 2021, while global central banks have purchased more than 1700 tons of gold in 2020-2017.

In the period of rapid expansion of globalization, gold, as a top commodity, flows to all parts of the world. However, when market risks increase and economic barriers are artificially set up, this flow mode will reverse. At this time, gold may flow to strong economies as a strategic economic resource.

Since February 2020, the average monthly import of gold is about 10 tons, and the accumulated trading volume of all gold varieties in the gold exchange has reached 58700 tons, a year-on-year increase of 4.91%. Since the listing and trading of gold futures, the annual trading volume has increased from 34.76 million in 2016 to 52.41 million in 2021, an increase of 51%. At the same time, countries such as India, Germany, Mongolia and Kazakhstan have also increased their net holdings of gold in the recent period.

The importance of gold is obvious to all. Whether in the period of inflation or deflation, gold price has good stability, especially in the recent years when the economy fluctuates violently. Gold has played an important role in resisting systemic economic and financial risks. Having said so much, you must be curious about gold. It turns out that the gold you see in the glass window has so many functions and properties. As the gold consultant around you, Efan gold will spare no effort to answer your gold knowledge and provide you with help and services.

About the company:

Efan Gold accurately focus on consumer groups online, breaks the traditional gold industry offline sales and common online e-commerce consumption shortcomings, and initiates a new retail era in the gold industry with the B2C model, so as to create a more valuable and trend-oriented quality life for consumers.

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