Tweak® is an Affordable, Non-Prescription Alternative for Hearing Loss

June 29 12:52 2021

Johnson City, TN – June 29, 2021 – Approximately 48 million people in the U.S. age 12 and over has hearing loss and those age 50 and over are most likely to experience a disabling loss. Tweak® hearing products provide amplification that enables individuals to enjoy the lifestyle to which they were once accustomed – and at a fraction of the cost of hearing aids.

“Tweak is a family of small, behind the ear instruments that are nearly invisible when worn,” said audiologist and Tweak® founder, Dr. Schumaier. “Tweak uses the same high-quality components as most hearing aids offering state-of-the-art performance at a small fraction of the cost.”

The personal hearing amplification devices are an over-the-counter solution that doesn’t require a prescription. Individuals control the sound with a simple push of a button. Models are also available that allow the wearer to control the sound via their phone and are Android and iOS compatible.

Individuals can choose from ear sound amplifiers that include the battery-powered Tweak®, the Tweak® Focus+T, or the sophisticated TweakConnect®. The Tweak ReFocus is a charging station and the company offers the DryBoost UV® that dries and sanitizes the devices while they’re recharging. A variety of accessories are offered to keep devices operating smoothly.

The Tweak® offers hearing aid alternatives that increase the natural ability to hear. Anyone with hearing loss knows the frustration of missing conversations or asking people to repeat things and they’re also acquainted with the annoyance it generates in others. Many individuals question whether they need a hearing aid or an amplifier. 

PSAP hearing devices (personal sound amplification products) are designed to enhance sound. Individuals 65 and older that miss phone calls have difficulty hearing conversations, always turn up the TV, and have difficulty hearing in crowds can benefit from a sound amplifier. They allow individuals to tweak the level of sound they need, rather than a hearing aid that’s set for certain frequencies.

The Tweak® is an affordable and non-prescription solution for anyone that needs help hearing but doesn’t require a hearing aid. The hearing amplifiers are almost invisible when they’re worn and enable individuals to enjoy the activities and lifestyle they deserve.

About Tweak®

Founded and developed 50 years ago by audiologist, Dr. Daniel Schumaier, the patented technology is available in multiple options. The devices can be operated with a push of a button and some models use a phone app. Schumaier was one of the first audiologists to offer hearing diagnostics, dispense products, and create a category of products to dry hearing aids and sanitize them.

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