Supreme Pups, Filling Households with Love

June 29 15:42 2021
Searching and Finding Perfect Pups

Created to make the world a better place filled with love one household at a time, Supreme Pups prides itself on helping families find the missing piece, puppy love. Many people are looking for the perfect pet to complete their home environment. Supreme Pups takes the guesswork out of the search for additional household love with a vetted pet that fits the bill.

Supreme Pups was founded by Sierra Favors, a 31-year-old African American – Mexican American Women raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. While most businesses were closing during the height of pandemic 2020, Supreme Pups was just beginning. Since being established in June 2020, Supreme Pups has quadrupled their projected sales. Garnering about 1000 new visitors and subscribers a month to the website ( and their Instagram Page ( is on target to continue phenomenal growth.

Supreme pups are for everyone. Recent sales have included well-known celebrities, as well as urban and rural families of every economic, social, and cultural background. Supreme Pups concentrates in procuring the finest bred mini poodles from around the world. The range of those who have made forever homes for Supreme Pups is limitless, from single apartment dwellers to large urban families, Supreme Pups fill every household with love.

Ms. Favors has decided to concentrate on the mini poodle breed at this time but does plan to add other “oodles” to the mix in the near future. According to her, “We chose to specialize in mini poodles because of their amazing qualities. Look at those cute little faces and those beautiful coats. Poodles unlike many breeds retain their rich colorful coats their whole lives. They are not only adorable but also hypoallergenic which means no worries these pups won’t irritate or trigger allergies. Does Furr all over the place bother you? Well, no worries here, our supreme pups are non-shedding which is a huge plus for many who want the love of a puppy without the hassle of a mess. Poodles have earned the reputation as being the second smartest of ALL dog breeds so learning potty training and tricks are a breeze. With Poodles averaging an eight-teen-year life span, don’t worry attachment is nothing to fear they’ll be here for the long run. With all these qualities in mind, there really wasn’t much to think about, we had to find the perfect size, the perfect breeders and we had to get them readily available for all who wanted one.”

Supreme Pups are sourced from vetted breeders around the world who can attest to their pedigree and maintain the highest standards. Currently, 95% of the Supreme Pups are sourced from international breeders. All Supreme Pups are delivered with their vaccinations and papers ready to provide a lifetime of joy and love to their adoptive homes. Supreme Pups guided by its founder and hands-on expert Sierra Favors can work directly with clients to source specific Supreme Pups.

Supreme Pups is not just a business, it is the answer to a prayer for founder Sierra Favors who explains in detail what led to the establishment of Supreme Pups, “Through prayer, I asked God to remove me from my previous job and to bless me with a job I would love. One month later the pandemic hit, I lost my job and after months of prayer, God blessed me with the business idea for Supreme Pups. I attribute everything to God who is my ultimate partner in Supreme Pups as well as my life. This business It isn’t just about the money for me, seeing what these pups have done in my own life has been reward enough. We have seen countless lives transformed by these pups. 

They’ve become more than just family pets, they’ve become best friends, siblings, firstborns for new couples, last borns for empty nesters, hopeful parents, emotional support pups, service pups, and many other things. If you name it, supreme pups has filled the spot with more love. They are making a difference everywhere. This is just the beginning; Supreme pups will be a household name.”

Supreme Pups are instant stars on Tik-Tok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. They are intrinsically playful, inquisitive, and loveable which makes them photogenic. Currently, Supreme Pups plans to continue focusing on toy Poodles. To begin your search for the Supreme Pups, reach out to Sierra Favors to begin your search.

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