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June 29 07:03 2021

According to the statistics, now a day,the total number of items sold on online shopping platforms worldwide is as high as 1,000,000,000, which is undoubtedly an astronomical figure.According to authoritative report, the amount of online shopping in 2021 will be as high as 5.6 trillion US dollars.

Someone have an eye on this general trend, so they launched a cross-border e-commerce intelligent order attending project-HooShopper, which gathers big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, fully invested by our company Smart Shopping Assets Management Limited (SSAML), with a total investment of 10 million pounds.

HooShopper is actually a resource sharing platform, the full name of which is “Intelligent Order Matching Robots for Cross-border E-commerce Orders Matching Platform”. The main function of the platform is to send the orders of merchants to all the distributors of HooShopper, that is, the members who have the distribution authority on HooShopper, for evaluation according to the information symmetry theory through the black technology developed by the company themself. As long as the order attendants evaluate the merchant’s products as usual and give them favorable comments, they can be rewarded by the merchant.

With the surge in the number of e-commerce companies, a variety of products have been put on shelves one after another, which seems to be a benefit, giving customers more choices. However, that also virtually makes customers suffer from “choice phobia”, which is counterproductive. Major online shopping platforms ignore the fierce competition among e-commerce companies and don’t care about the difficulties faced by customers at all, resulting in the original time-saving and labor-saving online shopping turning into a time-consuming and laborious shopping experience. That will greatly reduce customers’ consumption desire, thus causing merchants to lose many orders.

They said that they are aware of merchants’ sore points, in order to solve their problems,they have created HooShopper, apart from assisting the merchants to find suitable customers for their products through big data, they can also score their products through their order attendants, so as to enhance their popularity on the platform and online market, to achieve several goals at one stroke.

As there are new and old e-commerce on major online shopping platforms and the old and new e-commerce are divided into active and inactive categories, this is one aspect. Then, each e-commerce company is classified into 3 grades according to its rating on the platform, namely 0 to 1 star (negative rating), 2 and 3 stars (average rating) and 4 stars and 5 stars (positive rating), which is another aspect. Apart from the above two levels, e-commerce will be subdivided because of its popularity.

HooShopper does not directly connect with any online shopping platform, but chooses to reach cooperation agreements directly with e-commerce companies on the online shopping platform. Currently, there are merchants using HooShopper’s intelligent order matching service on world’s mainstream well-known online shopping platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.

The epidemic swept the world, and governments all over the world followed China’s example to put cities on lockdown.During this period, the market value of large enterprises evaporated in the stock market, small and medium-sized enterprises were dying, and friends who worked were worried about being laid off.

During the lockdown, the market economy was in a downturn, and people were restricted from going out and all stayed at home, which led to:

No consumption in the shopping mall

The bleak tourism industry 

Real estate with a price but no market

Hotel restaurant closing down

But there is one industry that is doing the opposite, and its business is booming. By the way, it is e-commerce!

Actually the epidemic is the accelerant of e-commerce and online shopping. Because a great many entity stores are temporarily closed, a large number of people who don’t like online shopping starting to change their shopping habits and begin shopping online.

The epidemic is only the first episode of the global disaster in this century, because it will be followed by a worse great depression. Will they be of the victims?

Don’t worry, HooShopper said that they will protect them. they only need to own 50 dollars to start a risk-free business on HooShopper.

Please notice: they are not investing money in our company, nor they are buying any products and services from them, nor they are paying  them membership fees.

And they only signed a contract with them for 50 dollars to become their attendants. So this fund belongs to their personal assets.

HooShopper is a cloud intelligent system order matching system, which can help them automatically search for suitable e-commerce orders on HooShopper platform and automatically complete the entire order matching process for them. After completing the whole order matching process, the e-commerce company will give them a reward according to the percentage set by the order matching price. They call it the “order matching reward”.

As the e-commerce business logic of each online shopping platform is different, we set the amount of allocation reward according to each platform, from the lowest 2% to the highest 6%.

In order to be fair, their system will match multiple orders to all the order attendants every day, and automatically match orders to the order attendants through the automatic matching function of the system, so as to ensure the daily income and benefits of each order attendant.

Stop saying themselves: No. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime entrepreneurial opportunity. Make good use of their accumulated contacts over the years and turn them into their entrepreneurial resources!

A golden opportunity that is safer than the insurance industry, because they only need to summon up the courage to take the first step, and they can enjoy a sustained high income.

Entrepreneurs are doing everything possible to find some kind of business which makes big profits with a small capital, HooShopper is! Also in front of your eyes!

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