WA Blast unveils powerful WhatsApp marketing automation tool

June 28 20:18 2021

WA Blast is bent on revolutionizing the industry after unveiling a powerful WhatsApp marketing tool that allows users to send multiple WhatsApp messages with just one click.

“WA Blast brings an innovative web app software that lets marketers and entrepreneurs send bulk messages to many WhatsApp numbers without having to save them,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

WA Blast said the web-based app serves as a helpful guide online entrepreneurs can count on to boost sales and bolster business efficiency.

“The WA Blaster enables marketers to do daily bulk sending to thousands of customers, allowing their businesses to have quick penetration than their competitors,” the representative added.

To get started, users only need to scan the QR Code prepared by the WA Blast team, and they will be immediately connected to the server. Users can then select the contact number of the recipient they wish to send the message to, and WA Blast takes care of the automatic message sending.

“It’s as simple as that. Our system does the hard work while you sit down and drink coffee,” the representative said.

Apart from its top-rated WhatsApp Blast feature, WA Blast also offers advanced features such as Group Contacts Grabber, Live Chat Widget, WA Link Rotator, etc.

WA Blast is suitable for marketers from various backgrounds. It is an excellent choice for online store owners, digital advertisers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers who use WhatsApp as a promotional tool.

With more than two billion users online, WhatsApp has been billed as among the top messenger apps worldwide, making it an ideal platform for marketers to communicate with customers. 

WA Blast can be accessed using any platform, whether it be desktop or mobile. It works on Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, etc. 

The software has been developed directly by the WA Blast team to ensure it keeps working and adjusting with the WhatsApp Algorithm.

Individuals can learn the complete features of WA Blast by checking out the video below.

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