Mini Drivable Cars For Kids: Now Licensed By Huge Brands Such As Lamborghini & Mercedes Benz

June 28 16:21 2021
Canada’s Top Distributer, Kids Cars CA, Explains Their Ride On Cars & Why Parents Love Them.

Kids ride on cars have become more popular throughout the years, and now they can almost be seen in every household. Huge brands such as Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, GMC, Porsche, and almost every other popular car brand has started licensing ride on cars, meaning the brands have approved the car’s features after manufacturing, and have met their standards. Kids Cars CA, one of Canada’s top licensed distributors shows off their collection of luxury ride on toys for ages 1 to 12. Their collection can be found at They have a wide range of ride on cars such as, one seater cars, two seater cars, trucks, monster trucks, SUVs, and even motorbikes. Cars for kids to drive!? Sounds almost unreal at first but these ride on kid’s cars are very real!

Each ride on car comes with its own unique set of features, some are built for rough trains such as mud, rocks, and sand. Others built for side walks, backyards, and more plain paths. Regardless all of the ride on cars have demonstrated great durability, and endurance as some could withstand up to 600 lbs! For example their Porsche Panamera, which can be found at, is big enough for a parent to accompany a child, and its fairly priced based on the technology that it has.

All the ride on toys sold at Kids Cars CA can be driven by a child within the recommended age range. With their use of horn, engine sound, radio, gas/brake pedal, gear shift, and steering wheel these cars are almost identical mini versions of the real thing. Almost all of the ride on cars come with parental remote controller for extra safety measures. If a child fails to drive safe, or simply requires training, a parent could easily stop, steer, drive, and reverse the car remotely. More info can be found at

Teaching children to drive at a young age can be a great way to bond over a shared accomplishment that is also an exhilarating process for the child. Having their very own car and the experience of learning to drive with their parents will be a memory they could never forget. Fueling the child’s play and being part of such immense joy will be the childhood memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

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