California Industrial Rubber, Inc Offers Custom Conveyor Belt, Fabrication and Welding Services

June 09 03:57 2021
California Industrial Rubber, Inc Offers Custom Conveyor Belt, Fabrication and Welding Services

Conveyor Belt Fabrication

It takes practical and innovative solutions to create high-quality custom conveyor belt fabrication services. The skills and techniques used mean that it’s possible to create custom pieces from raw materials, so they can be built to fit the exact specification every time. This makes it incredibly useful for custom conveyor belts, which can be used for industrial and commercial applications or any other industry where conveyor belts are necessary.

California Industrial Rubber Company provides fabrication services for both heavy-duty and light-duty rubber belting, whether it’s cleats and v-guides or splicing or even fabrication tools. They have the experience and skills to handle any type of custom conveyor belt fabrication job, no matter how complex, simple, large, or small it may be. Learn more by heading to and see some of the services they offer, including:

  • Elevator belts

  • Capped edge belts

  • Notched V-Guide belts

  • PVC cleated belt

  • Curved and beefy belts

  • PVC V-Guide belts

  • Slitting

  • Endless splicing

Welding is one of the most essential parts of life. Many people don’t notice things like the welding seam on their vehicles, in buildings, just about everywhere. In fact, welding improves the quality of life for many Californians and helps keep them safe and secure every day. Think about it: would an airplane be safe if the welding wasn’t completed correctly? No, it could cause significant issues that could have devastating consequences. Welding needs to be strong, precise, and durable, completed by an experienced professional.


Those safety reasons are why it’s necessary to have a reliable and professional company that can provide superior quality fabrication and welding services. California Industrial Rubber Co., a distributor of industrial rubber and plastic products, custom fabrication and welding services to the commercial, industrial, agricultural, and mining industries in California and Nevada for over 60 years. Head to to find out more information and learn more about the many services they offer.

Fabrication and Welding

Some of the fabrication and welding services they offer include punch press, MIG and TIG welding, stick welding, tube bending, and CNC machining. Two of the most common are MIG and TIG welding.

MIG and TIG welding

These welding styles use an electric current, which is what actually creates the weld. The heat that the electrical current generates heat, which then melts the materials being welded. As they cool, they solidify and form a hardened, solid joint. However, MIG and TIG welding are two different processes.

TIG Welding

TIG welding, which stands for tungsten inert gas welding, is one of the most versatile techniques. However, it’s slightly slower than MIG welding and requires specialized training since the technique requires unerring accuracy and precision. It does allow for excellent control, though, and it’s ideal for applications with small or thin metals or where aesthetics are very important.

MIG Welding

MIG welding, which stands for metal inert gas welding, is better for welds using thicker or denser materials. This is one of the most common and employs a welding stick that slowly becomes consumed during the welding process, acting as both the filler material and electrode. It’s faster than TIG and is much easier to learn. However, the welds won’t be as sturdy or accurate as those produced by TIG welding.

Fabrication and Welding Services in California

It’s easy to see how welding and fabrication are incredibly important to everyday life. That’s why it’s so crucial to have reliable and professional companies that can produce precise, strong, and accurate welds, whether it’s for a custom conveyor belt or another application entirely. There’s no denying it: fabrication and welding are essential for many applications in various industries, making it imperative to find an experienced company with the right equipment and skills.

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