Internetetsecurite reveals top tips on creating top rated passwords

December 04 01:18 2020
Internetetsecurite reveals top tips on creating top rated passwords
Creating passwords is an art of its own and shouldn’t be based in something easy to remember, as hard as that may sound.

December 3, 2020 – Passwords are often overlooked as being a helping hand for security, and instead deemed more of a pain than anything else. While the complete opposite is true, passwords are indeed a useful appendage and play a vital role in keeping hackers out of your private accounts.

Creating passwords is an art of its own and shouldn’t be based on something easy to remember, as hard as that may sound. “Many computer users base their passwords on names, addresses, and pets’ names, all of which are easy commodities for hackers to crack.” CEO of Internetetsecurite comments, “gaining access on to social media is mere child’s play for gifted hackers so by marking your password as a name you may as well give them your personal data on a plate.”

One of the pressing subjects on the topic of creating passwords is that the point of a password is that no one else can guess them. Industry professionals continue to emphasise the point that user names and addresses for passwords simply aren’t strong enough to protect private files and accounts so it important to have a strong and forgettable password. 

“Many people struggle to come up with a ‘good’ password,” continues the CEO of Internetetsecurite. “However, there are some easy-to-use facilities online where can get a randomised password in seconds and it makes absolutely no sense at all. This is what a good password looks like.”

Random password generators are easy to find online through simple searches on your go-to search engine. The passwords are made up of a mixture of both lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters. It is this kind of combination that can provide the best first barrier to keeping hackers out.

Another tip revealed by Internetetsecurite is to keep changing the password. Contrary to the popular belief that they should be changed on a regular basis, an irregular basis works even better as it keeps other unauthorised parties on their toes. Again, the passwords should be completely different to the previous one set and made up of a hard to crack the combination. 

Internetetsecurite even goes a step further saying security questions should also be tricked with wrong answers to stop hackers from getting hold of the right answers to private questions. 

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