Office of Career and Professional Development at California State University, East Bay has published a database of remote vacancies across the nation to help combat the unemployment crisis

November 18 23:27 2020
In line with its vision to make a positive difference in society, CSUEB has released a mega list of remote vacancies across the nation to help citizens who have absorbed a financial hit by COVID-19 and lost their employment to find suitable jobs again.

Hayward, CA, USA – The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the lives of people across the globe. Citizens of a lot of countries, especially those of the USA, have not only been facing health issues but, financial, mental, and social issues as well since the outbreak of this virus in 2019. The adverse impact of this pandemic on people’s lives has been much worse. The unemployment level in the USA has risen to a greater extent in the months of COVID-19 than it did in two years of the Great Recession. In these desperate times, a lot of civil institutions have taken proactive steps to help those in need. One such institution is California State University, East Bay, which has shared a list of remote openings across the United States with the public to enhance their chances of landing a job again.

CSU, East Bay is recognized as one of the most diverse four-year public colleges on the U.S. mainland by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The college’s students and faculty members are actively involved in serving the community during these testing times in different capacities. For instance, approximately 50 nursing students and alumni belonging to CSUEB are staffing the city’s COVID-19 testing site. While talking about this medical camp, Sahar Nouredini, Ph.D., RN, CNS, said: “They are participating in all aspects of the screening process. They are screening clients, performing the actual tests, communicating results by phone, and guiding the next steps.”

Alike this group of nurses who are combating the virus on the medical front, the Office of career and professional development, CSU East Bay is all geared up to pull the rising unemployment level in the country back to its normal level. As part of Cal State East Bay’s College of Business & Economics, the Office of Career & Professional Development (OCPD) shares resources, opportunities, and events to help students in their career journey. However, the OCPD has generously extended its services to the citizens of the USA, by sharing a large list of remote opportunities across the US. The list features thousands of jobs across different fields and is updated regularly to post new openings and remove the filled vacancies. The management at CSUEB hopes that this endeavor will help deserving citizens as all the residents of the nation cope up with this global pandemic.

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California State University, East Bay is noted for its exceptionally diverse student body, ranking as one of the most diverse four-year public colleges on the U.S. mainland by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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