What Is The Scope Of Application And Working Purpose Of Shot Blasting Equipment?

September 28 11:25 2020

The shot blasting equipment throws high-speed projectiles, which has a certain impact on the surface of the workpiece and falls, so as to clean up the surface of the workpiece. The scope of application of shot blasting equipment is becoming wider and wider, and it is becoming more and more popular. For example, machinery manufacturing, automobile industry and other workpieces need to be processed better with its function, so what is the working purpose of shot blasting equipment.

First of all, the shot blasting equipment can perform surface cleaning. If the workpiece has been used for a long time, and the surface is easily oxidized or rusted, which affects the use, then the shot blasting machine can just complete the cleaning work. Regardless of the shape of the workpiece, the surface or the inner wall of the workpiece to be cleaned, it can be used to complete it.

Secondly, the shot blasting equipment can also play a role in strengthening the workpiece. Through repeated strikes of the projectile, the strength of the surface of the workpiece will increase, thereby having better durability. Such a workpiece will have a longer service life than other similar workpieces, and it also saves a lot of cost investment for the enterprise, without frequent machine replacement.

Using other methods to clean the surface of the workpiece can easily scratch the surface and cause irreversible damage. The use of shot blasting equipment is different. It can be thoroughly cleaned without damaging the surface of the workpiece, so it can become more and more popular and can reduce a lot.

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