British gut microbiome testing provider, Biomesight, launches industry leading Practitioner Program

July 28 23:42 2020

British gut microbiome testing provider, Biomesight, launches industry leading Practitioner Program. The program enables practitioners with expertise in treating disorders related to the gut microbiome to create public listings and accept booking requests from their user base. Biomesight users can also securely share their microbiome results and health profiles with their practitioners.

Biomesight analyzes your gut microbiome and provides gut health scores to improve with personalized food and prebiotic recommendations – unique to your current microbiome makeup. Users can either upload raw data from a selection of other providers of can purchase a test kit from Biomesight.

Gut Health Benefits

Over the last few years, in excess of $2 billion was spent on gut microbiome research. They tapped into numerous research publications to bring you the latest science-backed findings.

Typical Gut health benefits include:

  • Support immune system
  • Renewed energy & longevity
  • Improved vitamin synthesis
  • Protection from chronic diseases
  • More restorative sleep
  • Hormonal Balance

Actionable Next Steps

They provide individualized and easy to follow recommendations, all based on natural interventions.

  1. Personalized Food Recommendations
  2. Prebiotic Supplements
  3. Lifestyle adjustments

How it works

1. Order Collection Kit or upload results from another lab

2. Collect & Post sample

3. Analyze sample

4. View results on our web app

5. Selectively nourish your microbiome

6. Repeat to track progress (If needed)

The practitioner program is free to join. No commission or fee  is charged for new patient referrals. Another benefit of joining the program, is the ability to stock kits in the practitioner’s practice without needing to pay upfront for the kits. Biomesight has fast, local fulfillment in the UK and USA so this is not so relevant for practitioners based in these countries but for anyone in Europe, Canada or Asia this can make the process significantly simpler for patients.

Practitioner accounts are subject to approval and relevant qualifications and expertise in the gut microbiome is needed.

Media Contact
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Phone: 020 3289 5644
Address:Kemp House, 160 City Road
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