First Australian Air Cream Invented by EAORON Excellent for Repairing Damaged Skin

July 28 21:54 2020

A few days ago, Australia’s “medical beauty geek” EAORON launched an epoch-making new skin care product, namely Australia’s first air cream. And it is reported that this brand-new EAORON air cream is the first “artifact for staying up late” in Australia. It also brings together the “air sense” protection technology pioneered by the EAORON Sydney skin care institute, the deep sea black energy of the South Australian Pacific Ocean, and a variety of top Australian plant extracts. Through the combination of excellent efficacy and refreshing skin feeling, it is praised as the “water light miracle” of the new generation in the industry.

Victor, director of EAORON air cream research and development, said traditional high nutrition cream had many shortcomings, such as heavy texture, inadequate absorption, and picky skin. In this regard, the Sydney R & D headquarters of EAORON has set up a special research team, trying to overcome the skin care problems, such as oily skin, mixed oil skin, skin affected by staying up late and so on, which have long troubled women who love beauty.

EAORON’s R & D team, after thousands of repeated experiments, pioneered the “air sense” protection technology, that is, the golden old anti micro-capsule technology. And the EAORON air cream, which is made of gold anti-aging micro-capsule technology, has a very light texture and has a strong moisturizing and water retaining effect. When applied on the skin, it can instantly produce “water drop” effect, quickly form a protective layer on the surface, and produce the effect of absorbing cortical sweat and regulating the balance of water and oil. Victor also said that the “gold micro-capsule” also contains rich scientific and technological skin care ingredients, such as minerals, negative ions, soft coke oil control factor. It is also effective in repairing the skin while controlling the oil and refreshing the skin surface. It can significantly resist the old antioxidant and reverse the oxidative damage, so that the skin will still be bright, soft and smooth under the high temperature test in summer.

The experimental data are as follows: 95.3% of the users’ skin quickly reached the expected state, which showed that the dry lines and fine lines were reduced by 26%, the elasticity and tenderness of water were increased by 42%, the dark defects were reduced by 45%, and the whiteness and luster were increased by 32%. In particular, the dark, shriveled and easily allergic skin caused by staying up late has been significantly improved, and the skin is more elastic, tender and smooth, strong and healthy, Victor told reporters.

In addition, the reason why EAORON air cream is known as Australia’s first “artifact for staying up late” lies in its extremely rare and natural ingredients.

The first is the “black energy” component from the deep sea. In order to make EAORON air cream more effective in skin care, Victor revealed that the R & D team went deep into Australia’s South Pacific Ocean and collected rare black pearl and biotite, two kinds of highly restorative substances. Among them, the black pearl released the marine anti-aging power can effectively fill the skin, bright white spots. Also, biotite can activate cell vitality, effectively resist ultraviolet rays, form a natural protective layer on the skin surface, and enhance the skin’s bright, white and tight state.

The second is the precious natural plant extracts from Australia. Through careful selection, the R & D team has refined the essence of Australian natural plants, such as avocado, rare tea tree and golden leaf, which injects a continuous stream of fresh vigor to the muscle bottom, and makes it wake up and moisturize the skin from the inside out. At the same time, rich natural ingredients add a strong moisturizing gene to the skin, and care for the skin 24 hours a day.

“EAORON, a giant of skin care in Australia, has once again demonstrated its strong R & D strength to the world.” An international beauty makeup senior observer commented as follows: EAORON, the new product of air cream, as a “medical beauty geek” in Australia, has broken through the bottleneck of the long-term high nutrition and skin refreshing feeling of the cream products. And it has opened a novel experience for the skin care consumers.

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