The New Face of Immigration: SLS GROUPE is coming – the Hero of that Field!

June 27 04:51 2019

SLS GROUPE is a worldwide immigration law firm specialed in providing residency and citizenship for many countries.

SLS is doing well and it is not a question of doing sales or commercial business.

SLS is focused on people demand and queries, as the main important point is to answer correctly and honestly to the major people needs in terms of relocation and rights mainly in Africa high skilled entrpreneurs and workers market, both french and english speakers countries.

Finding a new possibility for a family to live and work in a new European or North America country with residency and a coming citizenship it is not a question of money, it is a passion with a team completely dedicated to the happyness of their candidates.

We are always looking for making people deeply smile and feeling happy, bloomy with us.

Finding the correct immigration package for a family is the heart and core of our legal work.

Our sucess is coming from a simple strategy based on: “Don’t work for doing sales, do it as your legal work has to be done like our lawyers as demand and queries will come alone without to boost and put pression as many immigration companies do in the middle east”.

The CEO, Mr Leuwenberger has appointed since April 2018 Mr Naciri, a moroccan citizen, with 12 years of immigration expertize as the Manager of the African Market with one strategy, expand and build a long term presence with credibility without pression.

Since that time, new offices are under opening in Africa, Guinée Konakry and Ivory Coast Abidjan. Tunisia is also on the way and Morocco will still keep the role of Africa Headoffice in Casablanca with one other office in the famous Tangiers City.

SLS Groupe is highly interrested to open with their Lawyers as Mr Daniel and Mr Numair in Qatar and Oman in the middle east very soon.

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Citizenship by Investment Program

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